Febwary 24th 1863 My dere wife
i wonse mor tak my pen in hand
to in form you that i am in the
land of the living but i am in
bad helth with the hurt that i gote
atakin up a waggon bed and ite hase
not git enney better for i have
all wase thumthing to doo so that
it cant git will but i hop that
it will git better be fore longe i hav
ben in hopes that i could git a
furlow but the yankes a laing
off the harber and we ar exspecting
to hav a fit evrey ouer but tha
hav not trid it latley and when
tha doo tha will git misstakin for
we can whip them verey quick
i hope these few lines may find you
inJoing good helth i long to see
and if i dont git a chance to com
hom i dont no what i shal doo
i want you to send me word if
Mr ware will go to mr Johnsons
and git that monney and if he
will send me word and i will
send his not hom in the next
letter and send me word whether
[page 2]
he has gote Johnney or note for
Mrs fuller you dont no how i fele
about him i wood giv all that
i per sess to se him o the misrey
that i suffer on his account
you cant [????????????] but i hop
that the all mitey let me live to
se him once morefor [???] noe
that i done worse in leiving
him but i hope and trust that
i shal liv to se him and all
you wonse more and then i
wood not leve you for all the
monney in the world for monney
is noe uses here for every thing is
so hie that if we had all the
monney in the world [??????]
git but very little for it for
i paid eightey five centes for
one pound of bacon and one Doler
for one quart of molases and flouer
seventey fiv centes a pound and
beef fortey centes a pound if
it was not for what we buy
we wood starve to deatg the bacon
that we draw is not fit for a
dog to eight and we onley
[page 3]
six ounces a Day of that and thar is
her that wood eight ten menes rations
at wonse and then not hav half
a nought then giv my lov to
cala dona and tel hur to tak good
care of hur self and tak care [ofa?]
and i will pay hur for it tel hur
that the ware will sun end and
gorge will com back and she
will for git all of these trubles
i must com to a close giv
my complementes to all in
quaring frendes so fare you
well my der wife
S L Fuller

February 24, 1863


Residence (County): 
Randolph County, AL


Residence (County): 
Randolph County, AL

Transcription/Proofing Info

Andrea Cudworth
Transcription Date: 
April, 2012
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
April, 2013

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