March 1 1863     Savanna gorga
My Dere wife i wonse more tak my pen in hand
to in form you that i am well at this time and i am
in hopes that these few lines may find you in
Joing the same blessing we ar still at the sam
plase and the enemy is in sight of us all the time
and this is the day that tha was to atack us and
bute up to this time tha re main qweit onley
yesterday tha atackid on of our battereys but
tha a complised nothing i dont noe whether tha
will or not we cant tel what thay will doo but if
thay doo thay will mete with ruf times for i dont
believe that that thay can doo enney thing with
us for we ar strongley fortey fied and we hav a grate
menney men and i think it is impossible for them
to tak the plase my Der i doo wich that you wood
right ot me and let me noe how you are agitting a
a longe for i so want to here from you very mutch
i noe that times is verry hard for we cant git
enney thing here with oute paeing ten prices for
ite i believe that tha intend to starve us to deth for
tha hav cut our ration doun to four ounces of
bacon and one ounce of shuger and thre quarters of meele
we hav to buy what we eight or we wood perish and
we have to pay sush prices for it that ite is all most
imposable for us to git it i paid nintey five cents
for one pound of bacon and one lofe as big as
[page 2]
your fist onons is one doler a quarte and
potatoes 25 centes a quarte in facket ouer wagers
wont suport us we doont git one forth a mount to
eight and god noes what it will bee in two month longer
i hav trid for to git a furlow and i cant git it not
yit but the capten sese that i shal hav afurlow
as sun as he can but the times is so precarise that
he dose not noe what will turn up but cepe up
you curag the time will cum when i can cum
home if god is willing we must lern to put up
with mis for tons but it cumes that i hav had
my share of mis for tins but it semes that it is
not all left yet but gods will be don so i must
cum to a close [???] Dere remember [me?] in [???]
my trubles i hop that god will be plesed to grant
us that privilig to meet once more and to spend the
few remaining dayes in pese and harmoney liv mey
Dere and dont grev liv in hopes i think that the [???]
is note far distint when we shal mete [an?] [????]
part on this eirth enney more so fare you well mey dere
giv mey respect to caledona and tel hur not to
giv up to grev for gorg for he will com hom before
long right and let me no whether you hav herd from
Johnney or not Soe fare you well my Dere

S L Fuller

March 1, 1863


Residence (County): 
Randolph County, AL


Residence (County): 
Randolph County, AL


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Transcription/Proofing Info

Andrea Cudworth
Transcription Date: 
April, 2012
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
April, 2013

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