March 21 1863
My dere wife i wonce more tak my pen in hand
to in form you that i am well at this tim and
i am in hopes that these few lines may find you
in Joing the same blesing i hav nothin of im portence
to right but i hav nothing of importence to right
at this tim onley that i am in the land of the living
and we hav hard times her and nothing mutch to
eight and that is not fit to eight for ouer meet is
rotten and smell so bad that we cant eight it
i wood giv ten dolers for one good meeles of vittels
but we cant git it here for love nor monney but
now whil i am righting theses few lines thar is
orders for on of ouer compneys for to moov to South
Carlina and i think that thare will bee warm work
thare soon and i think that thay will bee a alter ration
in a chorte tim and i long to se it com to a close for
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the yankes ar a bout to a tack charlse ton and then
we may look out her for if tha tak charlseton then
tha will com her and tha can starve us out in thre
wekes for tha ant provins in savanna to last the
armey tin dayes and what tha is ant fit for a doge
to eight but we will giv them a hard time be fore tha
can tak us for we hav got a larg armey and tha ar all
able boddid men an we can stand them a good brush
so you must excuse my short letter for i hav got no
more paper i sent for sum yerstay and tha did not
Bring it but i shal hav sum in a few dayes and then
i will right you a long letter i want you to
right to mee son and let mee noe how you are a gitting
a long so i must cum to a close i want to noe whether
enney boddey is a goin to work the land or not
so i must com to a close Fare well my dere wife
S. L. Fuller

March 21, 1863


Residence (County): 
Randolph County, AL


Residence (County): 
Randolph County, AL

Transcription/Proofing Info

Andrea Cudworth
Transcription Date: 
April, 2012
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
April, 2013

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