March 29 1863

O my Dear I now take up my willing pen to drop you
afew lines to let you no that I s[t]ill live yet but I
am not well but I am Slowly mending I reseve yours
to day which give me great sattisfaction to here you
was well for I all wase get aletter a tusday and I
did not get 1 a tusday and I was afread you was sick
or dead this is sunday and I had to suffer all the
time my dear I wrote you aletter soon as I was able
to set up I took Sick the first of march and wee
was all sick and cald ia dear litle baby died the
10 or march with the crupe and shee took sick While
I was writing that other letter and had like to uv
died but we have all got about agan my dear it
greaves me to think you are thare and cant get anuff
to eat and your are so old and have to ly on the cold ground
o if you had uv stayed at home with me if we could
uv got bread you would not be in danager of your life I
am afread I shall never live to see you come home but
caldonia ses that the hisstarix is whot ales me about
you and I no when I miss get ing allter I fell worse
sens I miss gettin alette for I thin think that you are killed
or sick I do not no the reason that my letters cant get to
you as well as yours can come here for I wright every letter
that I get when I am able when the weather is two
[page 2]
cold I cant write for I am pesterd bad about wood
and I cant write when I am num to death I saw dady
ware and shee sed that william rote you a anser to that
letter that you wrote him I saw aletter that tug ware
rote to his paire and he sed that Phillip was agoin to
get atranpotation to woods comy and you no that if he
gose to that compiney that sidney will go two and wood
has resine and is at home and jack derret is ther
camtain and his one men ses if ever tha get in abattle
he wont come out hole if I thought that I could git a
letter to them bee foure tha quit I would rite to them not
doit for the solgers is wrighting here that tha dont get
halfe anuff to eat and the beafe is so pore that tha cant
eat it and tha are in missippia near vixburge and you
no it is sickley I wrote aletter after I wrote to you that
letter I wrote to you that I recken you had not got when
you wrote the last letter caldonia ses she would bee
gladder to see you come home then enny body that is in
the ware I reckin no that I would bee gladder to see you
then all the people in the ware I sill am trying to
find whare john is but with out success for I here
nothing of him I got them stamps and I was much
oblige to you for them I am so num I must come to
aclose so fare you well my dear Mr fuller I hope
it wont bee long tell you will come home a due my
love Elizabeth S Fuller

March 29, 1863


Residence (County): 
Randolph County, AL


Residence (County): 
Randolph County, AL

Transcription/Proofing Info

Andrea Cudworth
Transcription Date: 
April, 2012
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
April, 2013

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