April the 19 1864
Rapa Dan River va
                        Dear miss frances
war i this morning grasp mi
Pn in hand to Pn you A few Lins
thos few Lins Leavs me wel l i hop
thos few Lins may Reach your
far Distnt hand And find you
in Joyen the sam Like Blesin Dear
miss [fit?] war i Am Destitut
[??????????????????] we [1]
expect A fight in A few Das
Al tho tha solgrs ses tha Dont
think we will hav much fitn
hier i onley [Sudy?] By what tha
old solgrs tls me i am in A
mississippi Rigt i Left Selmy
in tha last Da of march i cum
to this Army with A mississippi
solgr tha treet me Like Abruther
tha Ar gay young men
[page 2]
mi compny is All young men
i am with A Alabama frien he is
in mi copny he was A natf of Ala
thar solgrs is in fin sparets hier we
get Plenty to eat we get sugr An coffe
Ris melases evry thing Plenty to eat and
war hier hier Dear miss i Remembit
you whilst i Am in this Long company
i hop thos few Lines may reach you
And Remember me which i am [????]
hier from you i remember you meny
tims whilst i am so far from you
mi lov to you no to [???] can tll mi
lov is As Pur as A Ring of gold hit is
Round his it Pur hit has no end so is
mi lov to you mi Darlin fiend
i am A solgr so fier from mi hom
a weep not for me if in Sum Batl
field i Shood fall i wod Dy in this
gloirescaus o weep not for me
if i shood fall in this glories caus
o remember me
[page 3]
tll ma i Ritn to hier
A fiw Das A go Also to Pa
tll ma i Am in fin Sparets
tl ma if she hiers from Bruthers
to writ to me wher tha Ar
Also writ to tham wher iam
gif tham the letr of mi
copny rigt Brigad rit to
tham how to Direct letrs to me
for i wod lik to hir from tham
soon tl ma i Am in tha Best
of helth i can sea tha yankes
evry Da hier we out fier from
tham tll ma i will writ to
hier in A few Das A gan tl hier
to B shoer to writ to me i wood
like to hier from you All
tl tha Buoyes if tha will [??]
hier tha can get 500 Dollars to
Join this rigt gif mi lov to all
in qiren friens John Fuller
[page 4]
i hope to hier from you soon in
writ fail not i mus clos mi letter
remarks As hit is rauin this
mornin i Remains As ever
             far well
                John Fuller
i will tll you how to Direct
letrs to me
                John Fuller
                Co D 42 mississippi
                Rigt Poseys Brigad
                Andersons Davistien
                Rishman va
weep not for me
if i Shood fall in this
glories cos if in tha
Batl field i am mod
Down wher no en of
mi Popil to hier mi
mourn o think of me
whils i Am Soldier
from wi [ratf?]

John fuller
Co D 42 mississippi
Poseys Brigad

  1. fold in page
  2. Written sideways on bottom of letter
April 19, 1864


Residence (County): 
Randolph County, AL


Transcription/Proofing Info

Andrea Cudworth
Transcription Date: 
April, 2012
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
April, 2013

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