October the 26 [1862]

Dear I seat my self to drop yo a line to let yo no that i am well. sister i
received your letter to day i started to wright to Mrs williams to day but i did
not get the chance to send it of by male so i will send it by hand to morrow by
Mr Reed sister i would have been very glad to have ben at home to night to went
to preaching with yo sister i have not heard a sermond in three monts we cant have
prachen in the ditches and i can not get the chance to go to toun to preachen sister
i want yo to send me a box of provishens and yo can send me them close in it i want
yo to send me some potatoes and meat and butter and some honey if yo have got it if
yo have not got the honey send me some surrup send me some pepper too yo need not to
fear to express them for the express agence has has takend moe responsibility on seld
frt.ey have inshored all frate that belongs to soldiers in the army on boxes
to go through saft they will ship them first if they dont ship any thing els yo can
things jim athey too and mr lacy too let mister S.S. maley to send something to
sister i will close for it is getting lat wright soon yours as ever until death
W.C. Athey
to emily Athey

sister i fergot to wright to that i ame to wright
this morning i will send pappy some poeder and caps sh 11 that i will send him some
shot the first chance i get i can get led and s[w]oop it for shot sister yo make me
a coat if yo have got the cloth dont send me nothing but what i wright for if yo send
any pervishons dont send nothing cooked if yo do it will spoyl i believe that is all
i have to wright this time if yo send a box do mine and mr. lacyses things up to-
gether and bran them so we will no our things eavns and jim speaks of sending for
something to be sent in in the same box.

October 26, 1862


Co. C, 3rd Battalion, Hillard's Legion (later part of the 60th Alabama)
Residence (County): 
Montgomery County, AL


Residence (County): 
Montgomery County, AL


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Casey White
Transcription Date: 
February, 2009
Michael Ellis
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March, 2009

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