Co. K. 22 Ala campet in line of battle
Near Nashville Tennissee

Sister I have onse more taken my pen in hand to wright you a few lines if
comes to hand will shoe that I am yet well an hairty hoping tha will come to
hand in due time and find you all well and in joy good health Emily I have
bin in one prety haird fight cince I have had the oppertunity of wright ting
to you be fore but I am happa to sa that I never got hurt in the fight but
vary sorrey to sa that we have lost some of our best friends in the fight but
one kiled in our companey & three wonnded Lt C.C. Moore kild James Wilson
wounded in the wright side he has got a very dangrous wound but the Docter sas
he will get well Serjant J.N. Day wounde in the sholdear F.N. Moore wounde
in the hand Col Airmsted the luietenan col of the 22 redgmen wounded capton
Boldon kiled & George Seveston kild and several others to maney to mention
I do not no the offishel nomber of kiled and wounde but we lost agod many in
kiled and wounded the yankes loss was prety heavey ( considering ) that
tha was in thaire breast works we charged them ouut of too lines of warks
the third line tha heald it by reinforcement and eavy loss tha hild thaire
position until about three oclock at night before tha avacuated thaire position
we faught them at franklin tensee 18 miles from nashville we fought them in
the edge of the town whaire tha lay as thick as hills of corn in the field the
fight be gun about the midle of the evening and lasted til some time in the
night we neve got in to the fight until about dark when tha left knaps sacks
blankets over coats and agood deeal of other stuf behind which was picked up
by our men I got agood kapsack fool of tricks whitch I sold $ 4.5. dolars worth
out of it and cepe as mutch as I wanted I got a portefoile with about ahalf quaire
of paper and a pack of invelop s I am now writing on some of the paper now I
will put it in a u.s. invelt General Cheetam had a fight with them at
springhill 27 or 8 miles from nashville the 33 ala redgmen was in both fights
in fight of 27 william hicks got h kiled and James Kinion got wounded but not
serious on the 28, at franklin pary tucker got kiled and some other peroson but I
dont reculect so I have not heard from warren athey cince the last fight he
went throught the first safe I wan to heare from him very bad the boys was very
mutch againse coming in to tennsee at this time year on the account of not
having blankets but I cant scarcle seea aman but what has got a good yankee
blanket as fur my part I have got very good blankets and a tent flie to stretch
in raine weather to keep me dry we aire lying round nashville a shart [1] shooting
of the yankees just like tha was adoing of us at atlanta the yankees is ashelling
all the time we aire not as close as we was atlanta Emiley I will haf to bring
this letter to a close soon but I cood find something to wright about all day
I must resurve some thing to wright brother alleter I supposed that miligan
has gon home I am mith glad of it Emily the last letter that I got from you
you said that you was agoing to School and would soon wright as good as m I want
you to ansur this letter as soon as you get it so that I can seea how yo have
improvede direct to Co. K,22,ala vol. Deas Brid ade Johastons Division beas
corpst and it will follow the airmey whaire ever it goes
you true and affection brother
excuse bad writing G.W. Athey
the fight at franklin was on the 30 of Nov tell couesen that I saw
erastas lacy after the first fight he was well then but I havnot heard
from him cince the last.<

  1. shart = sharp
Date Note: 
No date, December 1864


Co. K, 22nd Alabama Infantry
Residence (County): 
Montgomery County, AL


Residence (County): 
Montgomery County, AL


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Casey White
Transcription Date: 
February, 2009
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
March, 2009

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