April the 21 1864 [1]
My dear husband and chil
dren I take my seat to try to
write you a few lines to let
you know how John is I
dont know whether you
can read it or not I cant
my self John had a very
sick day yesterdy he was
sick when M H started
but had got a little better
but soon after he took
hemorage of the bowels
but the Doctor give him
something that checked
it t[h]is evening he has not
had it any more he is very sick
now but I think it is
tody they give him that is
making him sick this is
a horible place I would give
every thing in the world if
I had it to be at home with
[page 2]
I hope he wil get well
and go home with me
But I cant tel how it wil
be you know what a de
[ceetful?] complaint that is
wel Mary I receeved
your letter and was glad
to hear from you all I was
very uneasy about you all
I was affraid Martha was
going to be sick you all
must not expect me to w
rite much as I have no spe
cktacles and cant borrow
I wil write when I can
you make out to read it
or some of it I will write
when ever I think I can get
home we had a heap of trouble
to get here I thought when we
got to weldon we was not goin
g to get to come any further
I dont believe any bod[y] else
but M H could have got on
[page 3]
the man told me at last
that might go but he did
not expect I would get to
come back I was willing
to risk that I am here
God only knows when I
can get back John dont
look much like traveling
If he could get of[f] I hop
he will if he gets well enou
gh to travel I shall not
leave him here sick for
it is a hard place to be [??]
the clerk and lady that
tends on this ward is very
kind to me they send me
some thing to eat every [??]
the boys at the camp is
very kind they come two
or three every day Lieuten
ant Allison Stefen Clark
and two others come to day
Stephen Clark baked a
[page 4]
very nice pone of bread
and fetched to me and W
W Allison sent me a piece of
bacon it is as good pone
as I ever eat they were
affrad I would not draw
rashens here but it dont
take much to do me when
you send after us you wil
have to send us somethin
to eat going home if John
gets to go you will have
to backe some nice light
bread for him to eat he
is still rite sick but
I hope it is nothing more
than the [????] I must [quit?]
for this time I am well
as comon I remain your
affectionate wife and mother
A B Taylor
James C Lendsay and M Anderson
is a little better to day

  1. Alvira is staying with her son, John J. Taylor, who is sick and immobile at a Confederate hospital.
April 21, 1864


Residence (County): 
Orange County, NC


Residence (County): 
Orange County, NC
Residence (County): 
Orange County, NC

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Catherine Pettijohn
Transcription Date: 
December, 2011
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
December, 2011

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