Isaac to Catherine Lefevers
[letter is damaged in upper margins and missing some text at the tops of pages 1 and 3]

April 24th 1862
Mrs Catherine Lefevers Dear Wife and childran
I seat my Self to drop you a few lins to lette
you now that I am as well as I am for com[??]
and I am getting better of my coff Dear Wife
I am Sorrow to lette you now that my
Boxes is not come to hand yet and I dont
now whether they will come or not as they
have Staid Sow long over they th[??] that they
was to come and if they do come they
air a heap in them Spoilt Dear wife
I hope when thease few lines comes to
hand that the lord has spaird your health
to bee good and our dear little childrean
alsow Dear companion I can in form you
that I have Sead tolerable hard times since
I got back to camp We have bin moveing
for they last Two Days and we had to
tote a great deal of our Camp Equipige and
it is a bout one mile and a half frome
whear we was to where we air now and we
was verry Scearce in provision we had nothing
to eat this morning to eat but corn Bread
turn over to No 2
[page 2]
and our meal was not sifted But this must not
disharten you non I I hope and trust that they
God of mercy and love will Spead they Day
thease trouble some times Will come to an
End and that all may get back to their Dear
famleys and childrean and friends and Especialy
how glad would I bea if this Wair was over and
I could get back to you and our dear little
childrean onst more and I do hope they time
is not a fair distance off when this thang will
come to a close Dear Wife I can inform you
that there is a gread deal of Sickness in Camp
at this time now there is from 3 to 4 and 5 that
is beried every Day in this in campment but
our company has Escaped yet but I dont Know
whether I [sow?] rite this to you they next letter
I rite to your or not there is some companys
that come hear after we did and have buried as
high as 3 and 4 a Day there is not menny in our
company that is Sick at this time I saw
Thomas Reep this morning and he told mee
that they was a bout 23 Sick in their
company at this time but none from up
[page 3 – missing first line]
Martin Heafner and old Miss Heavner and Andrew
Seagles wife and Daniel Heafners wife they
Start home this Eavning I would like verry
mutch if you could have in with them too
it would bee a gread deal of Satisfaction to you
if you could See what is going own hear and
it would bee a gread deal more to me if I
could See you hear onst before I leave hear
but they [??????????????????????????????] [1]
I dont loock for you to come hear but if they
lord Spairs my life and yourn I want you
to come some time and See mee if I dont get
too fair off it is thought if we do leave hear
we will gow to Goldes Burrow or Kingston
there is now L[??] Wair [???] hear I under Stood
yesterday Eavning that their was a gread menny
men run from Goldes Borrow to Ritchmond [??]
it is thought their will bee a big Battle Some
whear in Virginia But not nowing Whear
I must come to a close for this time
by requesting you to rite to me as soon as
you receive this letter and lette mee
Now how you air getting a long and whether
you air all well or not turn over 4
[page 4]
money or not and Whether you [????????] [2]
I sent by R yoder or not and lette me now
how you air getting a long With planting Corn
Dear Wife I want you to try and get all in
the ground you can and as soon as you can
and if you think you can tend that [?????]
Pa[??] and can get it do Sow but dont plant
it tell you air don with all they balance but
if you think you cant get thou with it dont
plant it I want you to bee Shore and rite
to mee Whether An is Still their or not and
whether you have got Enny one els to Stay
with you or not if you can get enny one
I want you to do as i had told When I left home
and rite how all they folks is getting a long
I must come to a close By requesting you
to Remember mee please give my best Respects
to all inquireing friends give my best Respects to
Especialy to J W Ban[d]y and Mr Bandy and famley &
and Emanul Speagles & Frankling Hudson I most close
by asking god to Smile upon you and our Dear little
childrean for christes Sake a man I Remain your
most loving and affectionate Husband untell death
un tell death Shall Separate us Isaac Lefevers
to [L?] childrean

  1. writing damaged at fold
  2. page damaged
April 24, 1862


Name Variant: 
Isaac Lafevers
Co. K, 46th North Carolina Infantry


Residence (County): 
Catawba County, NC


To State: 
North Carolina
To County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Toni Mitchell and Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
December, 2011
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
December, 2011

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