No1 Christian Pallace
Hospital Goldsboro N.C. June 12th 1862
Mrs. Catharine Lefevers Dear and beloved
wife I seat my self onst more to drop you a few
lines to lette you now that Iam still own the mend
I can say to you that I have Quit taken medisens I taken
the last day before yesturday and Ican begin to seat
a little better a gain Dear wife Ihope when thease few
lines come safely to you they will find you and the little
childrean all well I have bin loocken for a letter from
you for the last several Days but it ant come to
hand yet Iam ancious ot hear from the baby how it
is got as it was not well when you rote the letter you
sent with Henry but I hope it is well tell this time
and Ihope you and all the balance is well when this shall
reach your handes Ihope I will Recive aletter from you
to day wen the mail comes in Dear wife Irecken if you
have now letter own the road when this comes to you
you had better not direct your letters to this place
as I expect I will leave for the company about the first
of next weak about Tuesday or wedensday you will as you
yousaly did I want you to rite at least onst a weak
and Direct your letters to Richmond V.A. In cear
of Capt. Bost 46 Regiment N.C. Troops
Iam aloocken for aletter from the company to day
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I sent a letter the other day to Aaron Cline and
Henry Dagerheardt and Iam aloocken for aletter from
them to day if they got the one Isent to them I saw aletter
the other Day from one of the company they air Eight
miles below Richmond own James River they got to
Richmond own last Sunday a weak about Eight O clock
they battle was then own hand they staid in Richmond
untell three oclock they was about seven miles from Richmond
they marched in one mile of the Battle ground and
night over taken them and they was orderd back about
Two miles wheir they taken up camp untell nex mor
ning they was then orderd to form line and gow to the
Battle field that morning the news then come for them
to march back to Richmond which they did and
their they taken the steam boat and went down James River
Eight miles wheir they now air with out they have
bin orderd away Dear wife I would have bin happy
if you could come to sead mee while I was at this
place as I will haftew gow sow mutch fartherr
from you and God only knows whether ever I will
get the chance to come home again or not But I
umbly trust to him that Reweleth all things that we
Shal see each other a gain faseto face and if
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No 3
we never a gain see each other in this world I do hope
and trus to the lord who Ruleth all things that we
Shal meet in that world weir their is now more wars
trouble some times to separate us now more and if I never
see you a gain I pray the lord to protect you and our
Dear little childrean that I have longed to see onst
more Dear wife I can say to you that Ihave saw
a great meny wonded men pass this place since the
battle at Richmond Some air shot in the legs some
in the armes some in the handes and some with the
fingers shot off and their was one man had his ear
Shot off and one Shot in the mouth and out at
his cheak It is thought their will bee a great fight
at the same place before they quit that place both
sides air Reinforsen their has thousandes past this place
own to Richmond for the last weak their is not a
Regiment of men at this place enny more they air
all run to Virginea they air coming from every direction
some from south Carolina some from Georgia some
from Missisipi and other states their was a Regiment
come from Georgia the other day and they had lost sow
much sleep that their was aman went to sleep and
fell off of the cars they run over him and cut both
legs at his thies and mashed one arm he lived a few
hours after it happend and then hedide he was
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Buried at this place their is not a day but what their
is more or less coffins comes own the train from diferent
directions I would like to hear from Brother Dave as heis
some weir in Va but I dont now whier abouts he is Stationd
Dear and loving wife I most [close?][????] for this [1]
this time I dont know whether I will rite you another letter or
not before I get to the company but I most rite one to Henry
before I leave this place and I will direct him to lette you see
it Dear wife I want you to give mee all the news you can
as it gives mee great sattesfaction to hear how all is doing Iwant
you to lette me now how the wheat is doing till this time and
lette me now [w]hether it is amost ripe or not and whether you
have got enny one to help you off with it or not if Abs
Rudesal cant cradle for you maby maniel will cradle it
off for you and you mos get some bodey to binde for
you I dont want you to do it your self for it is too hard
for you to do it and tend to the balance of the work that
is to do I want you to lette mee now how your corn is
getten a long and how big it is and how you air geten
alongue with it if you get behinde with the corn
you mos try and get some bodey to help plow a few
days I have saw alittle corn that is as high as my
head I recan I cant finish own this sheat Iwill
haftew Rite alittle more own a nother Side
you will finde the last own No 5 page
[page 5]
Dear wife If Iever get enny nearer Home then Iam
at this time or if times gets more seteld then they air at
this time I want you to try and come to see mee as that
will bee all the chance that I will have to see you
as longue as times keep they way their now if you ever
have the chance of senden mee enny thing to eat Iwant
you to send mee some potatoes and a parcel of onions
and Butter But dont send it tell you hear that weair
seteld down some whear their was a whole parsel
of Boxes sent to some of the company from Newton
& it was all spoilt they was own the road Two
weaks Dear Catharine I can say to you that I
want you to plant a heap of late cowcombers
Sow maby their will bee som brandy made &
you can put some up for me and your selvers
my Dear wife I want you the next letter you rite
to send mee a lock of your purty Black hair
put it in a plat sow it will gow own my vest [vest]
and I want alock of sises & budes I have got that
of the babes yet I caried it with mee all the trip
I went I will now come to a close by saying I want
you if you can send mee a pair of socks or two
you had better get you some wooll before it gets
all hunted up I will close for this time I am your
affectionate Husband untell Death Isaac Lefevirs
To Catharine Lefevers
[page 6]
Dear wife since I rote the first lines I
under stand that we have lost a nother man out
of our company He was sick in the Hospital at
Petersburge His name was Pinkney Suwmit
If ever you can get the chance to ever send me
a box I would you to put mee half or a galon
of Whiskey in it if I had a had a little this long
march it would a hope mee a great deal I you
cant get threw with your corn the last
time you had better get Some one to help
you with it I will now come to a close for
this time Biy Senden my best Respect to all
my Neighbors tell J.W. Bandy I want him
to rite to mee and lette mee now how much
Wheat he made He said last year that
this year he would make wheat or that
Should make him Dear wife I Send
you and all the childrean Howdy Howdy to
you all Sow nothing more at present
I send my best Respects to maniel }
Isaac Lefevers
To Catharine Lefevers

  1. damage at fold
June 12, 1862


Name Variant: 
Isaac Lafevers
Co. K, 46th North Carolina Infantry


Residence (County): 
Catawba County, NC


From State: 
North Carolina
From Municipality: 
From County: 
From Note: 
"Christian Pallace Hospital"


To State: 
North Carolina
To County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Toni Mitchell and Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
December, 2011
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
December, 2011

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