Christian Pallace Hospital Goldesboro
N. C. June 18th 1862 Mrs Catharine and famly
Dear wife I again Seat my self of droppen you a
few lines to lette you now [??????] about as [1]
well as common only my breast Still pains me a
good deal more sow then it did at home Dear wife
I hope when this letter Shal come to hand it will find
and the little Childrean all well and doing well
Dear wife Ihad not counted own Righten another
letter while I staid at this place but I did not get
off as Soon as I had expected to the company the Doctor
would not lette me gow as Soon as I counted own
but I think some of us will leave [????????????] [2]
it is likely we would a left to Day but it is Raining
and loocks like it would a bin bee a wet Day Dear
wife If I had a node that I would astaid hear this
longue I would a had you to a Rote me another letter
to this place but sow it tis it is two lait now
I Rote to you to Direct your letters to Richmond
but mabey you have heard better whear to Direct them
and JW Dagerheardt [or?] [???] I had expected to get a
get a letter from som of them before now but
I have never Recivied one from them yet I under
stood yesturday that the letters Should bee
directed to peters burge virginea but I cant
turn over
[page 2]
tell whether that is Rite or not if enny of them
has rote home since they air their you could find
out better wheir to direct them then I can tell you
at this time as soon as Ifind the company I will Rite
back to you and lette you now how I got their and
whear they air Dear and ever loving wife I have
Rote sow mutch to you since I have bin sick that
I dont hardly know what to rite if I could rite to
you all that I would like I could Rite over a sheat
of paper as big as a bed Spread but after all the riten
that I can do one hour sight of you a gain would do mee
more good then all the righten that I could do in a weak
[?????] I have craved the sight of now one [hoeing?] as I
have of you and the little childrean if only I could
See you onst more it Seames to me it would do
mee more good then if Icould get all the world I dont
dout but what you Study as mutch a bout mee as
I do about you but you have the the childrean with
you and they air a great Sattesfaction to you while I
am absent from you and them all Dear wife I rote
you a little letter and sent it with old Max Warlick
I dont know whether you have got it and I
sent you a little peace to Reed in that letter
a bout the little peace maker and his unfriendly
neighbor and his white Rabbit
[page 3]
My Dear wife I can say to you that Pain that died
hear last weak his brother in law Rowe come after him
yesturday and he started home with him yesturday
afternoon I saw him taken up out of the grave and
and he was put in a case saw dust packed round
the coffin I can also tell you that their was a nother
man dide in this Hospital yesturday this makes four
Deaths in this house since I have bin it their is now
one dangerous in the house at this time their is now
about three hundread dide at this place of soldiers
Since the wair Started when you rite to mee a
gain I want you to lette mee know Whether you
have heard enny thing of david or not since the
the Battle in Virginia I cant find out wheir he
is I saw olde Jacob Reinhardt yesturday he was
agoing to Willmington with Coxes wife to see her
husband he was sick their he went in Haynes comp
Dear wife you rote to mee that it was sow
mutch wet that you could hardly get the chance
to work the corn if you get behinde with it by the
wet wether you most try and get some one to help
plant and ketch up again I think when it comes
to laying by you had maby better lay buy the
new ground first as it is sow Ruty but you
will now best a bout that turn over to No4
[page 4]
No4 To Catharine my trew love
Dear wife I want you to try and do the best you can
in the Harvest but as Irote to you before Idont want you
to do enny thing in it if you can get enny body els to bind
for you for you have anuff to do in the house at that
time Dear wife If only I could get some bodey in my
place hear sow I could come home and take some of the birden
of of your handes I did not rite much about it in the last letter
I sent you but I rote one at the same time to Henry and
tolde him what to do I am afeared you cannot get enny
one in my place as I now that it will bee a hard thing
to get one that would betaken in my place but I hope
and trust to the lord if you cant get enny one in my place
that he will guide and protect both of us that we
may Shortly See each other face to face and never
never part now more tell Death Shall Separate us from
each other I most now fix to come to a close by asken
you to rite as soon as you can find out wheir the company
is and lette me now how you and the childrean is geten
a longue and how your garden is doing and your potatoes
is doing and all your truck patches I will now come
to a close by tellen you a gain to take as mutch cear
of your Self and little childrean as you can may the
may the lord smile upon you and them is my prayer
for you and them I Remain you ever faithful husband
untell Death Isaac To C. Lefevers & childrean

  1. damage at fold
  2. line obscured by damage at fold
June 18, 1862


Name Variant: 
Isaac Lafevers
Co. K, 46th North Carolina Infantry


Residence (County): 
Catawba County, NC


From State: 
North Carolina
From Municipality: 
From County: 


To State: 
North Carolina
To County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Toni Mitchell and Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
December, 2011
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
December, 2011

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