Camp Stone wall near Petersburg
Virginia August 15th 1862
Mrs Catharine Lefevers
Dear wife I have the pleasure of a gain dropen
you a few lines to lette you now that I am
a good deal better then I was at the time I Rote
the last letter to you I ant farly over the yandes
yet but I am able for Dewty a gain Dear wife
I hope when this letter shall come to you it may
find you and the childrean all well and harty I can
say to you that I recived a letter from you yesturday
Eeavning the one you sent with James Seagle I
also Received the little Jug of Honey I was verry
proud to get it I eat some of it for my breakfast
this morning I most try and save it as much as
Ican if I should get sick a gain Dear wife Ihope
you will soon have a chance of Senden mee something
before sow verry longue F[r]ed Weavers Father still talks
of comen down hear and then maby you can send
me something with him If you send a box have it
bord full of small auger holes and have every thing cool
before put in the Box I would like to have a few good
apples if you think they will save tell they get hear
you had better not fix too big a box have it sow one
man can handle it and maby you could put somthin
[page 2]
No 2
In my Sachel that would not mash onions and
such things as that you could put in Dear wife
you Rote in the letter that Seagle Brot me that you
wanted me to Rite as soon as that letter come to mee
and you wanted mee to Rite the truth in it Dear wife
I allwais have and allwais will Rite the verry bottom
of my heart to you I did not hardly now what you
ment bey it at the first loocken over it but I thot
you was meaning a bout my health and I have told
you the truth about that as fair as it is in my power
Dear wife I was sorrow to hear you was sow dry
up their and that every thing was burning up for
the want of Rain it is tolerable dry hear at this time
but corn loocks verry well sow fair their has bin so
as hot wether hear as ever I felt but it is quite ple[asent?]
at this time Dear wife Henry Rote in the letter you
sent me by Seagle that he could get a hand to come
and stay in my place a month for twenty or Twenty
five Dollars I would like verry much to do sow but
if I cant hire a hand for four or five months I cant
Hire at tall for I can not get a hand in for that
lenth of time But if lawson Reep will come and
Stay five months in my place I will give him
the arch plase at Maniels or els I will give him
the place and two Hundred Dollars to stay tell
No 3
he is Eight teen years olde and he will get eleven
Dollars a month besides this and if him nos now
bodey els will stay for that I dont now wheir they
will do better If I could have my health hear like
at home I would not offer such aprice as that
a young man that has nothing to see to but him
Self he can pass off the time verry well I think
it would Suit Lawson first strait as he allwais
likes to be with a Jolly crowd I will close own
this subject at the present tell I get a answer
from this Dear and loving wife you Rote to mee
to now whether I wanted to sell mike or not
I dont think that I will sell him for bud allwais
thought sow much of him that he would not
want him to bee sold and if I live I dont think
I will sell him & if it is the will of the almighty
for me not to get home a gain you can then do as
you think best if he lives tell next Spring he can
begin to work some and the Rest is gitten up
in years enny how and I think if you can get him
Broke good by some one that he will soot you a
greadeal better then the otherones as they cant last
but a few years longer horses will bee verry high
after a while I think if you cant keep them
all you had better sell one of the Rest after
[page 4]
No 4
wheat is sode and corn getherd I want mo[n?]t
to still bridle mike and lead him about sow he
will keep Jentle and keep him in the paster as much
as he can maby their is good paster over at maniels that
they Horses can go in dont fead them to much corn
when they do it do much cut straw and mix alittle
mal over it and save the corn as much as posable
Dear Catharine I most soon come to a close for this
time I most rite aletter or Two besides this to Day
Henry Rote to me that he had Rote Two letters to mee
since he was down hear I did not get but one letter
from him and that was rote Two weaks before I
got it James Seagle said that brother Davids funeral
would be preached in next month I want you to fix
your self and the childrean tell that time sow you
can gow and take the childrean with you I want you
to get your self a dress suitable for the ocasion if you
can get it enny weheir at tall and get something for the
childrean also I should bee happy to be their at that time
with you but their will bee now chance of me commen at
tall I will now come to a close I want you to bee shor
and Rite to mee as soon as this letter shall reach you and lette
mee now how you and the childrean air please give my
Respects to all the neighbors Especialy J H Hutson & family
your trew Husband untell Death
Isaac Lefevers To Catharine Lefevers
[upside down at top of page]
I for got to tell you enny thing about Amon
He is in the Hospital at Petersburg he is low at this time
and sow is H Leonard Both cases air doutful
at this time of Recouvering

August 15, 1862


Name Variant: 
Isaac Lafevers
Co. K, 46th North Carolina Infantry


Residence (County): 
Catawba County, NC


From State: 
From Municipality: 
From Note: 
From Camp Stone wall near Petersburg


To State: 
North Carolina
To County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Toni Mitchell and Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
December, 2011
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
December, 2011

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