Northern Virginia September 25th 1862
Mrs, Catharine Lefevers & childrean
Dear wife it is with pleasure that I have a gane
the privelage of droppen you a few lines to lette
you now that I am in as good a health as Iam
for comen Dear and Ever loveing wife I can
Inform you that I have Just Reeceved a letter
from you this morning I was trewly glad to hear
from you one time more and especialy was I
glad to hear that you and the childrean was
all well Dear wife and childrean I hope and
trust to the Lord of murcy that thease few
lines may Safly reach you and find you
all well and doing well Dear wife I can
not tell you how glad I would bee to See
you and the childrean one time more but
when it will bee I cant Just say at the
present but from what you have rote
in your last letter I have some little hopes
of geten home one time more before sow verry
longue Dear wife the letter I rote to you a
few Days a go I rote to you that it was not
worth my while of geten enny one to come
in my place as Henry had rote that Lawson
Reep would bee Eight ten years old tell
this comen october and I node that it would
not bee worth his while comen for that
[page 2]
lenth of time but if he will come
and take my place telle he will have to
gou in his own place I will give him what
I said I would at the start and that is
a big price for one year it is more then he
can make at home in three years and I
think he will pass off the time as well as
enny one els I now that a Jolly crowd will
Suit him as well as enny one els I will
give him the arch place as I said I would
two hundred Dollars besides if he will
come and take my place tell he will
have to come in his own place it will
cost him a little something to get hear but
he will not begrudge that for what he
will See own the Road and as big a price as
Iam given him he can borrow $20 or 25
Dollars to bair his expences hear and I can
Replace it for him when I get home
he had better try and get in with some one
that is comen to the Regiment he could come
verry handyd by him self as fair as the cars
Runn the Road but I am in hopes that
we will bee nearer home tell that time
then we air now we have bin Resten
at this place ever Since Sunday this makes
five Days that we have bin resten this is
[page 3]
the first rest that we have had for Some
time our Regiment has went threw a good
Deal in the las 4 or 5 weaks but I think the
hardest time is over or at least for this year
the time is drawing near that we will soon
have to take up winter qarters and then their
will bee nothing don tell Spring now more and
I think the most of the fighten is over or at
least that is the oppineon of the most of
folks in the army he nead not bring but
one Blanket and one Suit of clothing besides
what he has own and if he has one good
pair of shoes that is Sofishent he will he
will draw clothing hear but if he bringes
them from home he will get paid for
them he brings from home he will draw
a good over coat for this winter he nead
not bring enny thing for this winter he nead
not bring enny thing of that kind I will
close own this I would like for him to come
as quick as he can if he does com sow I can
get home to help with the corn and wheat
Dear wife I am not serten whether you will
get the other letter I rote to you or not I will rite
a little something in this letter a bout the big Ba[ttle?]
that was foght [1] the 17th Day of this month I can
tell you that it was a awful fight the fight
was own yan side of the potomace River
own the Mariland Side
[page 4]
we have waded the Potomace River
four times in the las two weaks I am
in hopes that we will not cross it now more
directly I want to get Back torgs Richmond a
gain Irote to you in my other letter that
Joseph Gault was wonded and the yankes
had taken him prisner but he is not taken
prisoner but wonded in the Jaw their was
only one kild out of our compay but ten
wonded Some not very bad Imost close own
this subject Dear wife I rote in the other
letter that you Shoul send me some clothing
as we all lost our napsacks and clothing in them
but if lawson comes you nead not send enny
thing but should he not come you may Send
me one Good Blanket and them Boots that I
rote for & my best Brown pants & 2 pair socks
their will bee a heap sent from Newton
in a box to the company and you can send
yours their put them all in a bundle and mark
them to mee they will be placed in the handes
of the agent at Newton they must be their
in time sow they will come with balance
I rote several times a bout sowen wheat
you had better have new ground sowe as quickas
you can before the corn is getherd sow it with
new wheat if you think it will do as well as the old
you had better get Frank to bring his Fan up and
clean all you in tend to sow I want all the ground
Sowed you See I most come to a close for this
time I Send my love & Respects to J F Hutson & family
and all my friendes M. speagle & family also I reman
your trew Husband untell Death Isaac
To Catharine Lefevers & childrean

  1. Battle of Sharpsburg
September 25, 1862


Name Variant: 
Isaac Lafevers
Co. K, 46th North Carolina Infantry


Residence (County): 
Catawba County, NC


From State: 


To State: 
North Carolina
To County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Toni Mitchell and Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
December, 2011
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
December, 2011

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