State of Virginia near Winchester
Oct. 4th 1862 Mrs. Catharine Lefevers
and children I have the pleasure of dropen
you a few lines onst more I am well at
this time and I hope when thease few
lines reach you they will find you and
the childrean all well and in good Speerit
Dear wife I have nothing of importance
to rite to you at this time but we air lying
Still at this time and have bin for the last
weak and when I am at one place I can not
help but think of you and the childrean
every hour in the Day and this is the
only chance I have pas off the time the
the way every thing has bin I could
not get to hear from you at tall I have
not had but one letter from you in the
last Six weaks but the way things has
bin I could not loock for non for
I now you did not now wheir to
Rite this makes four letters that I have
Rote you in the last Two weaks I
cannot Say whether you will get
[page 2]
them all or not but I am in hopes
y[ou]will and if you dont get them all I
am in hopes you will get Some of them
and this is the way you will haf tew
do you most rite often and I will bee
Serten to get Some of them I can not tell
you how lonesom I have bin Since I could
not hear from you now more I was
lonesom a nuff before and Since I cant
hear from you now more it is still
worse with mee but I hope I will
get Some worde from you before Sow
very longue Dear wife I have rote
Something in every letter I have rote
about Lawson Reep if he does come
and has not Started tell this letter
Reaches you he will have a good
chance of comen with Sidney Shuford
Georges Sid or with Lieutenant Rowe
as they will both come to the company
Rite off and that is the best way
he can come and please do all you
can torge [1] Senden him for I want
[page 3]
to See home one time more and
especialy I want to see you and the
childrean one time more dont stand
own a few Dollars for I would give all
Ihave in this world to get to See you
and the childrean one time more and
if I only could bee with you and them
at the next meaten I can not tell you
my fealings about that I have not
heard a sermont preached in the last
three months I do hope and pray to the
lord that thease troublesom times will
Soon come to aclose Sow that all can
get home a gane to their dear families
one time more and all bee free a gane
Dear wife I under stand that
Leather is very high in that neighbor
hood but now matter for that you
most get some one to get you some
for you and the childrean Shoos
I will send you some money as soon
as we draw agane provided I dont
get to come home before longue
[page 4]
but I ho[pe] I may for Inever new what
It was befor to bee from home but
I now some thing a bout it now I nead
not say enny thing more about my
clothing if Reep comes which I hope he will
you nead not send enny thing to me & if he
Should not come I will want what I sent
for I dont think I will rite enny more tell
I hear from you Ihope that will bee before
longe I want olde uncle Mosey to Save
mee Ten gallons of His brandyd but I hope
he will not charge mee what it is sellen at
their ant one gill to bee had hear and I
want him to bee shore and save it for
me Dear wife I most come to a close Icannot
get paper a nuff to Rite a Sattesfactory letter
to you if Ihad the time and papper I could Rite
a nuff to keep you a readen one hole Day but
I hope I will Soon get to See you & that I could
do in a month I send a kiss to all the childrean
I send my love and Respects to Mr Hutsons
family and want to hear from them Direct your
Letters to Richmond and then they will be sent
to us Respectsfuly your Hus band untell
Death Isaac to Catharine Lefevers & childrean
[added at top of page 1]
When this you see remember your dearest
friend sow menny a mile a part
about 4 Hundread miles a part

  1. torge = toward
October 4, 1862


Name Variant: 
Isaac Lafevers
Co. K, 46th North Carolina Infantry


Residence (County): 
Catawba County, NC


From State: 
From Municipality: 
From County: 


To State: 
North Carolina
To County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Toni Mitchell and Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
December, 2011
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
December, 2011

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