Camp near Culpepper Coart House Va
November 6th 1862 Mrs Catharine Lefevers
Dear and ever loven wife I seat my Self onst
more to drop you a few lines to lette you now
that I am still well and in good health I can
say to you that my health is better at this time then
it has bin since I have bin in the army and
it is better then it was when I was at home the
pain own my breast has almost left me and
I feal very well at this time I think I am fleshier
at this time then I was when I lefte home
Dear and ever loving wife I hope and trust to the
[love?] that when this letter shal reach you it may
find you and the Little sweat childrean all in good
health and Injoying your selves very well Dear
wife I can say to you that we air Betwixt Culpepper
and the Rapedan station at this time I cant say
how long we will stay at this place we air about
75 miles from whear we was when Laws was hear
we air moving own torge Richmon but it is not nowen
whear we will spend the winter yet I am in hopes
that we will get as fair as Richmond enny how before
we take up winter quarters Dear wife I had rote
a letter to you several days a go and I was agoing to send
it with Capten Bost and I had to do gard dewty
for two days I was a garden Genrl Long Streets head
Quarters the man you have heard sow much talk
a bout he is a bout the sise of J.W. Bandy only a heaver
man he wais about 2 hundread 25 lbs he has Large
whiskers & mostach fair complection & blew Eyes
we air all under his command at this time I just
thought that I would tell you what for a loocken
man he is as you have heard sow much talk a
bout him Dear wife I am sorrow
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that the capt went home and I could not
send you some money with him the company
all drawed ther money while I was out own
gard and some of them sent their money with
him and if I had a bin with the company when
he started I could a sent all that was comen to me
to you as I recken you nead some Dear wife as long
as I could not send you enny money with the capt
I did not draw what is a comen to me yet as I had
now chance of senden it to you but the first chance
I get I will sertenly send you all I draw as I now
you will nead it for salt and leather is sow
high Dear wife I have Ten Dollars by me at
this time & I will send you five of it in this letter
and resk it if I nowed it would Come safe to you
I would draw it and send it all to you but I am
afeard that it might not reach you and then
all would be lost my Lovely wife please dont
think hard of me for not Senden you now more
for I am a feard to resk it in a letter if you cant
make out tell I can send you some more you
can borrow some tell I get the chance to send
you some more Dear wife I will send for
several articles that you will please send to
me with the Capt he will stay at home about
a month and you can find out when he will
start back I want you to send me a box that will
holde a bout a half a bushel send me one Shirt
one pair Drawers one pair socks one good thick
pair gloves please sow the seames down close as
the pleged Body bugs pesters us a good deal I
want you to see Lazer speagle and ask hur
what she will charge me for 5 yardes of
Good jeans I would like to have a nuff
turn over
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I would like to have a nuf for one pair of pants
enny how I think She ort to lette me have it at a dollar
a yard as I am in the armey I now it sells for more then that
but I think they will lette me have it for a Dollar a yard
if she does note lette you have it at a Dollar a yard
you had better not take but for one pair but you
nead not Send them this time I can send a nother
time for them I want them lined and made the same
sise of the last mis[?]t ones you made if she will Lette
you have the five yards at one Dollar a yard you had
better take it all I want you to role up the clothing
that I have sent for with the capt I want you to role
them up Rite close and put me a little Jug of
Brandyd in side of the clothing cork it rite tite
and then and then mark own the out side to
me you had better get some one to see the Capt
[page 4]
to now Whether he will bring a small box or whether
he ames to have it all brot to newton and thern [1]
put in a large Box all to gether I also want you to have
my Last winter shoes well half soled and heals put
own them and send them to me the Boots does verry well
more then the upers air to thin for this season of the year
Be shore and tell old uncle mosey to save me the
Brandyd that I rote for tell I can get the chance to come
home which I hope I will get to chance to come this
winter sometime Dear wife I will now come to a close
soon as this reaches you and give me all the news you
can rite me a long letter and all the neighbor hood news
tell bud to fead mike and his pig well tell Paw Comes home
I will now Close may the Lord bless & protect you and the
Dear Little childrean your loving Husband untell Death
Isaac Lefevers to Catharine Lefevers
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Direct your Letter to
Richmond Va

  1. thern = prob. “then” rather than pronoun
November 6, 1862


Name Variant: 
Isaac Lafevers
Co. K, 46th North Carolina Infantry


Residence (County): 
Catawba County, NC


From State: 
From Municipality: 
From County: 


To State: 
North Carolina
To County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Toni Mitchell and Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
December, 2011
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
December, 2011

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