Camp near Fredericks Burge Virginia Dec 1st
Mrs Catharine Lefevers & childrean Dear wife
I seat my self onst more to drop you a few lines
to lette you now that I am still well and in good
health & I hope and trust to the good lord that when
this shal reach you and the little childrean it will
find you and them in good health as you was when
you rote the last letter to me Dear wife I was trewly glad
to hear from you one time more and Especialy to hear
you was all well Dear and loving wife this is the second
letter only that I have got from you since I Las [1] hear
you rote in this last letter that you had rote several
Since he was to see me it was three weaks [since?] [2]
the time that I recevied the first letter tell I got the
next one it mite be the same way with mine that I rite
to you I rite one letter every weak to you but whether you
get them or not I cant say I had rote one Several Days ago
but could not get it mailed it is now a olde letter but
I will send it with this one eny how it may give you some
Satisfaction if it is olde the letter you rote to me was dated
the 17th of November and i did not get it tell the last Day of
the month I received one from Henry the same time and his
was dated the 24th of the Same month and they both came
to me the same [???] their fore you can see [??????????] [3]
in Letters coming it is cearlesness of the post masters that
the Letters does not come quicker then they do but this we cant
help Dear wife I have sow much to rite to you that I dont
now which to rite first and I have not got the chance and
paper to rite half what I would like to rite to you at this
time I will only rite what I think will concern you the most Dear
wif you rote to me that corn was from two to three Dollars
per bushel I am sorrow to hear it for I now you most by a
good deal and there is sow many that aint able to by
[page 2]
No 2
you most by some lette it cost what it may and as
I had rote in the other letters that I thought you had better
put off one of the horses some way or nother and I want
you to keep the one you rather fan would bee the most
valable as thier could be another colte Raised from
hur But I want you to Keep the one you like beast and
the one that you think will Suit you the best in work
it is sirten we cant keep them all the way corn and stuff is sellen
at this time try and put one of them off the best you can if you
cant get 30 or 35 Dollars for one of them you had better lette
one of them out for the feed for the next year if enny one will
youse them well but if you can sell one you had better do it
I was very glad to hear that mike worked verry well but you most
not have him strained he is too younge to do much yet and
be cearful and dont get him spoilt now as he is younge yet and
if he gets spoilt now he will never get over it be cearful and dont
get his shorlders hurt with the collar and have good gearing own him Sow
he dont get Spoilt and tell mont to yous him well and curry and rub
him well and be cearful and dont Spoil him in riden have a good
bridle made for him Dear wife you rote Something to me about my
clothing I reckon you have sent what enny how you air going to
send enny how tell this time and if you aint you nead not
send my over coat for I will have more with the other stuff
then I can toat tell we can get Somewheir when we can
take up winter Quarters and I cant say when or wheir it
will be we air in camp near Fredericks burg at this time
and I cant say how long we will Stay hear yet their is still
Some talk of a fight yet but how it will turn out I cant
say I am in hopes their will be now fight at this time I dont think
their will be enny thing more than a bombardmen of the town
Some think the town will be Burnt and then we will fall back
towardes Richmond we air in about 60 miles of Richmond
at this time and we will remain hear for Some time yet
turn over

[page 3]
No 3
[written upside down at the top of the page]
you most not think hard of me for Riten this
with a pencil I have neather ink nor paper now more
nor Stamps we cant get them hear

Dear wife I will give you a list of the articles that
I rote for and then you can tell whether you have
Sent them or not with the clothing the capton
was to fetch I under stand that he starts the clothing
this morning to the company but aint comen yet himself
if you aint Sent all I rote for you can mabe Send
the balance with him when comes I will now name the
articles that I wanted one pair Drawers one pair Socks &
gloves and if you aint Sent me enny pants yet you
need not Send them I can Draw clothin hear cheaper
then you can get them thir and Send them to me the way
cloth is sellin if you have not bot enny Jeanes yet you need
not by as it is sow high I can draw pants hear that will
answer very well I would like to have what I have
named above I also would like to have a good necles nit
if you can get it or eny thing to make it out of I think
this is all I will have Sent at this time Should you a
Should Bot Jeanes since you rote the letter you nead not
make it up now and if enny one els wants it you can lette
them have it Dear wife you rote also in the letter I recived
that Emaniel Speagle wanted to now whether I would Sell
the arch place or not I will lette him have the first chance
of it if he wants to by it but I want to tend it next Summer
in corn as it is all the chance for corn we will have
another year the widow Cline had rote to now if
I would Sell it or not I rote to her that I would Sell
it pervided you was willen but from what I under Stand
in your last letter it is against the neighborhood vill [will] and
I wont sell it to hur by now meanes if the neighbors is not
willen if She in Qires enny more about it tell hur that
I have give out Sellen it if hur own Relations is not
willen for hur to come their it is a ba[d] chance I had now
thots that She was Such a women as that I thot She had
more Respect then that to ward hur husband than that
[page 4]
No 4
I will close own that for this time lette me now
Something about this in your next letter Dear wife you also
rote that maniel wanted to now whether mont could
gow to School this winter or not I am willen for him
to Stay their and gow the way you rote I am ancious for
a School Sow the children can gow with him I want
Sis to be shore and gow all winter if She is well and you
can spair hur I would like for buddy to go also if you
think he can Stand it I am ancious for them to have learning
as that is the bes thing that parrents can do for their childrean
Dear and loving wife the childrean is left with you and the
Lord to provide for you and then I want you to train them
in a way that is exceptable with the Lord if they nead corection
you most do it they air left in your cear and my
praer to the Lord is if I never See you and them now more
in this world I trust to mett you and them in that happy
and better world a bove wheir we will never neve part
now more may the good Lord of murcy Smile and protect
you and our dear little childrean is my Sincear prayer amen
a few more words and I most close for this time Dear wife
I rote in my last letter to now from you how much
wheat you thot you had to Spair but I recken you forgot
to rite it in the last letter you Sent lette me now whether
you have enny corn ingageed yet or not and what you
will have to pay a bushel for it and lette me now how
your fatnen hogs air doing and how meny you have
up and how meny there is out yet and lette me now
whether bud has enny little Pigs this winter or not
if he has enny tell him he most feed them good tell paw
comes home Sow they will be purty and fat their
is one more thing lette menow whether you Received
the letter with the few Dollars in it or not I will
close for this time I Remain your loving husband tell Death
Isaac Lefevers to his Dear wife & childrean
[written upside down at the top of the page]
Direct your letters as before to Richmond Va
In cear of Col E. D. Hall 46 Regt N C T
give my love and Respects to J F Hutson & family
and tell him I wont Rite now more tell he Rites

  1. Las = Lawson Reep
  2. writing worn at fold in page
  3. writing damaged at fold
December 1, 1862


Name Variant: 
Isaac Lafevers
Co. K, 46th North Carolina Infantry


Residence (County): 
Catawba County, NC


From State: 
From Municipality: 


To State: 
North Carolina
To County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Toni Mitchell and Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
December, 2011
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
December, 2011

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