No 1
[written upside down at top of page]
I had forgot to tell you I am well
as I have Bin for the last weake

Camp Holly shelter Swamp N.C
Hanover County Febuary 13th 1863
Mrs Catharine Lefevers & childrean Dear
and Ever loving wife I seat my self one time
more to answer your kind letter which I Recivd
yesturday Eaving I can say to you it was three
weakes own the Road from the time you Rote it tell
it reached me it was rote the 22nd of January
and it did not reach me tell the 12th of this month
I can not account what can be the Reason that your
letter is so long own they road But sow it is it cant
be hope I now you do your part and that is all that
you can do and it is all that I can Expect you to do
your letters oat to come to me in about 2 or 3 days
after they air mailed and it genraly takes them from
2 to 3 weakes to reach me [why?] it is I cant see in to it
they one friend Hutson rote to me was Just 2 weakes
acumen and that is the way with all the letters I get
I was trewly glad to see a letter one time more from
Frank he Rote in his letter that he had rote [?????]
[page 2]
[added at top of page]
when this you see forget me not
tho amenny a mile a part we bee
Isaac to Catharine lefeavers
No 2
me he rote that he sent me a letter about every month
and this is the only letter that I have Received from
him in the last six months and I have Rote more than
a Dozen to him in they time But it may be with you
and him like it has bin with me that the letters I sent
did not get their But my Dear wife I can say this
much to you that I have Rote a letter to you for Every
week that I have Bin out But I have no now doubt
that you have not Received them all their [if one?] I now
you will not Blame me for not riten oftener then I
have don and you may plaise all confidense in me that
I do you the same for the lord a bove nows that their aint
a man out that thinks more of his family then I do of
you and the dear little childrean how often I have thout
of you and them since I have Bin out and praid to the
lord to spair my life to sea you and them one time more
But God only nows when it will Be I still have the
confidence and hopes of my bleased lord that this war
will soon come to an end before long I cant see how
it can last much longer the way every thing is gowing
[page 3]
[written upside down at top of page]
give my love & Respects to all the neighbors
and friendes
No 3
Dear wife I would have not Rote this letter yet
But you had rote in the one you sent to me that arch
wanted you to tend his ground this year or at least do
his plowing for him I will say this much a bout it if
mont counts own staying with you this summer or if you
can get a nother hand if he has to come out you had better
have it plowed for him But I think they way feed and
every thing is he must give the half out of it you can
try him and see him and now what he will do and
lette me now in your next letter I dont think you out
to tend it for much less then the half But you now
that you can just do as you think Best about it it
will all be rite with me enny way to rais something
please lette me now whether enny Bodey tendes the
Jarmon plase or not if you could tend that it would
Bring good corn and every Bushel will Be neaded another
year if you have non to tend But that feel at the house
and that at maniels to tend one nag can tend a good deal
more to do nothing more But I dont want you to
over do your self out this summer If mont has
to come to the Armey I want you to lette me
[page 4]
[written upside down at top of page]
please lette me now how Dad is agetten
along and how his health is tell him
I send him I send my love and
howdy to him
No 4
now in your next letter and if maniel thinks he will
have to come it may be that you can get Laws
Reep or Cal Speagle if mont has to come out whoever
does stay with you see that they keep a Sturren and
do their part Dear wife I think you had Better Plant
that lot at the crib in Irish & Sweat potatoes for
such things is worth as much as corn or wheat I would
Plant a Bout the half of it in Irish potatoes &
the other half in sweat potatoes I would plant
the Irish early manure them in the Rowe and then have
them well covered and I think it will Bring good
potatoes Dear wife the spring of the year is clos
at hand and you will have to do the Best you can
torge [1] a crop for another year Dear wife I think If
maniel has enny stalk [2] ground that he think will
Bring oates that he wont sow him self I think if
you could get some Sead oates you would do well
to have some soad as soon as you can get it don
as corn will be hard to get after harvest and
will come good for the horses I will finish own
another leaf

[page 5]
[written upside down on page]
I Remain your ever Trew and faithful
Husband untell Death Isaac Lefevers
to his loving Wife Catharine Lefevers
No 5
But it is not worth while to By the seed and
sow them own pour ground maniel will now what
will Bring oats and what wont Dear wife I have
Rote alonger letter then I had counted own dowing at the
present Dear wife I had Rote in one of my other
letters that I would like if you could have some water
ditches made in that feal at the house to keep
it from washing sow bad this Summer you can
get maniel to get hicks to lay it off and mont can
throw it out By wet spells with a little Showing
and help I now if you ask Frank he will assist
you in havenit don in some wet time when it
is two wet in the ground to plow and I think
mont had Better haul some straw and stuff
in them gulles and it will stop the wash Dear
wife I had rote also in one of my letters that
If Frank or some other good hand would take
mike it would be better for you as you have
corn to By and you will not have youse for more
then one threw the summer time what hauling
you will have to do you can get some one to
[page 6]
[written upside down at top of page]
and tell Bud that he most larn his Boock
purty tell paw comes home and he
will Bring him some little Briches
and some candy
No 6
help you with it & if Bil Cammel [3] wants to
work enny more in the shop he most get his
hauling don the Best he can But with out
he paies you up for what he has don it is not
worth while for him to pester you enny longer
all I will charge for the mewl is to youse him
well and not strain him too hard while he is sow young
mont is not caipable of worken him at the presant
Dear Catharine I most now Bring my letter to a close for this
time I am in hopes I will hear from you again in a few days
Dear wife I had Rote to you to send me a box by Whitener
and I dont think I will Rite a nother letter tell after
he gits Back as he will get Back in a Bout 6 or 8 dayes
from this time Dear wife summer is a comen and I would
like if you can have it done to get me cloth wove for
two pair of cotton pants twild with as good a culler
as you can get the Jeanes pants that you sent me will
last tell warm weather comes and then I would like
to have some cotton pants as woll has got sow high I
will send you some mor money as soon as I can draw
it and you can Eather By the yarn and have it maid or
By the cloth which Ever will suit you the Best
and I will nead one shirt and one pair of slips
if I live tell next summer sometime Dear wife I
want to see you one time more in this world and
If I cant get the chance at all to come home this spring
I want you to try and come and see me if it can be
in your power But as the smallpox air still about
I will not Insist own you comen tell after their
Is a change in them I cant tell you how glad I would
Be to see you & the little childrean one time more especial
would I be glad to see the sweat little Babe please
lette me now in your next letter whether it can talk
or not and whether it still sucks titey yet or not
tell sis that paw was glad to hear that she could
spin and that She could spell in hur Boock
tell hur to Be a smart gal and help maw fetch
water an chips Still when paw comes home
he will Bring hur a Dress I will close a bove

  1. torge = toward
  2. stalk = stock
  3. Cammel = Campbell
February 13, 1863


Name Variant: 
Isaac Lafevers
Co. K, 46th North Carolina Infantry


Residence (County): 
Catawba County, NC


From State: 
North Carolina
From County: 
New Hanover
From Note: 
Camp Holly Shelter Swamp, NC


To State: 
North Carolina
To County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Toni Mitchell and Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
December, 2011
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
December, 2011

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