Pocotaligo Station South Carolina
Aprile 7th 1863 } Mr Henry Rhodes
& family Dear Brother I seat my self
one time again to Rite you a few lines to
Inform you that I am stil in good health
and I hope when this shal reach you it
may find you and your family al in the
same state of health Dear friend I have
nothing of interest to relate to you at the
present we stil remain at this place
and I think now we wil stay hear some
time yet as our Brigade is al the forses
that is left at this place we was orderd
a way hear last Saturday to James Iland
Below Charleston But the order has bin
countermanded since and we air left to
hold this point at least a while they air
Running Troops from savanna to
Charleston in a hurry there is a fight
Expected their shortly we air
[page 2]
consentraten a large forse their we air
left at this point as If they should nead
the assistance of our Brigade that we
can Be run their In a short time we
can be run their in at least five hours
from hear and they air taken thoes that
is the furthest off first Dear friend this is
al the war news that I have this morning
we are stil ingaged in throwen up Breast
works at this place our hole Regt was at
work yesterday today we dont gow out Dear
friend I wil close own this subjection
for the present I most tel you and
with pain two that I have only Recd
one side of a half of sheat of paper
rote over since I have Bin at this place
the reason of it is not for me to now But
it is sertenly sow you rote one side of
a half of a sheat that Catharine Rote
to me and that is al that I have heard
[page 3]
from you In the last two months If
you rite oftener they letters does not come
to me and that letter and a nother one or
two is al that I have Recived from Catharine
I can not se why they dont come if you mail
them rite it shorley most Be done wheir
you start them for the letters that is mailed
at Newton Come hear In three days and
they oat to come from Lincoln in the
same time I am Confident that Catherine
Rites oftener then what I get letters or [I most?]
Be Badely Deseived for Every letter that I have
got from her she tells me that she rites
Every weak and I dont average one every
three weaks and you most see that some
thing is Rong a Bout the letters you and hur
sendes they air Eather not mailed at Lincoln
or mislade own the Road I receved a letter
from Catharine the last day of March
and it was Rote the first day of the Same
month Just one month own the Road
[page 4]
wheir it oat have come In at least 4
or 5 Days you have now eye dea how it
troubles me I cant get to see Enny Bodey
from that neighborhood to hear Ennything
from enny of you and then cant get as
much as a letter every two weakes Dear
friend you most not think that I have
Rote this letter to throw enny Insult towards
you But If you was in my fix you sertenly
would think as i do please caution the P M [1]
and tel him to be serten and mail the
letters wil come Better than what they have
Bin doing Dear frend neaver fail
to rite at least onst a weak to you and
Cathaarine But it may be that you do not
get them al neather Dear friend I want
you to take this letter up to my house
and lette Catharine see it for fear
she wil not get the last one I sent
[page 5]
to hur I sent hur some money to
Newton With Mr Joseph Rowe and
told him to leave it at gathers at the
post office and she can send and
get it their I sent $33 Dollars and she can
youse it as she thinks Beast If she has not
youse for it al you can take what she dont
nead and place it wheir I ow But I want
hur to Keep what she neades of it if it
is al of it Dear friend I want you to do me
a favor if you can and please If their
is a good horse or Jack a bout their I want
you to have fan [2] taken two him I want a
colt Raised from hur If it can Be sow
please tend to this for me as horses wil
Be scearse If this war lasts much longer
I also want you to lette me now how mike [3]
Is going and whether he has Bin alterd
or not and whether Farnk stil has him
I also want you to lette me now how
Bil Campel is getten a long and
[page 6]
No 6
whether he has paid Catharine eney thing
for the youse of the shop If he dont pay
up I want him stoped Rite if you
think Catharine wil have enny flower to
spair or not and how the wheat loocks
and how she gets hur ground tended
and lette me now for serten whether
she has got hur last money or not and
lette me now who the conscriped has
taken In that neighbor hood I most now
close for we have Battalion Dril at 10
oclock I wil now close By asken you a
gain to Rite forth with and give me al
the news and lette me now when you wil
come to see me I send howdy to Dad
and want to hear from him I Remain
your loving Brother untel Death
Isaac Lefevers to Henry Rhodes &
Family Direct your letters to Pocotilago
Station S.C. In cear col. E. D Hall 46th
Regt NCT Co K Coocks Brigade

  1. post master
  2. fan = the family mare
  3. mike = the family’s young horse
April 7, 1863


Name Variant: 
Isaac Lafevers
Co. K, 46th North Carolina Infantry



From State: 
South Carolina
From Municipality: 
From County: 


To State: 
North Carolina
To County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Toni Mitchell and Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
December, 2011
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
December, 2011

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