Camp 9 Miles From Kinston N.C.
May 28th 1863 Mrs. Catherine Lefevers
& childrean Dear and Ever loving wife I seat
my self to Rite you a few lines to lette you
now that I am wel at this time and I hope
when this shal Reach you it may find you
and the seat little childerean all in good health
and doing as wel as can Be Expected Dear wife I
have a good Deal to Rite at this time but nothing
of much importance it has Bin but a few days
Since I have Rote But I had not the chace
to Rite as much as i should a lik to a don
Dear wife I got Back safe to the Regt and found
them at Kinston I was hinderd one day and a
night own the acct. of the Boxes and Trunks that
I had in my cear their was one of the men that
went home when I did he did not come Back
when me and Rowe come Back he was taken
sick while at home and he is stil at home
yet there is 5 gon home at this time Maks is
al the one from our side of the River
[page 2]
No 2
I think If we Remain here in North
Carolina the most of the men wil get home
this Summer at least all the men that
has families Dear wife there is Some talk of us
gowing to Virginia But I cant tel whether we wil
gow yet or not we air awn Picket Dewty
and worken own Breastworks every Day I most
tel you their has bin a good menny Diserters Broat
Back Since I got Back to the Regt and I tel
you they fair tolerable Ruff I was Sargent
of the gard I had 8 in my cear and the Col
orderd me to ty two of them up By the thumbs
for one hour at a time their was a Roap tide
Round Each thumb and then taken across
a poal and Streched up Just sow they could
tip the ground own their tip toas and had
to stand one hour at atime I tel you it
almost cut thier thumbs off their was
one stade a weak over his time own his furlow
and he was tide up the Same way for one
hower Dear wife I tel you that they air
[page 3]
No 3
getten varry Strict own our men but
Stil they wil Run a way when ever they can
get the chance Dew Sow I most tel you
that their was a man shot to Death Just
a Day or two Before I got Back to the Regt
for the 3 or 4 ofence of Diserten Dear wife
little did I think when I bid you r lovely hand
its last fair well that I would See as hard a
times sow soon after getten Back to the Regt
I got two them awn Thursday Eavning and awn
Fryday morning I had to start own a very hard
and tiersom march I think the weather was
as hot and Dry as ever I felt for the time
of year in my life it was that Dust and
Dry that we hardly could tel one a nother
for the Dust that Settle awn us Dear wife
their was hundreads that just give
out and fel down By the side of the Road
I did make out to holde out my self
But it was as much as a bar[gin?] that I did
I dont think I Ever was tierder in my life
[page 4]
[added in top margin]
please lette me now wheir you Rather
have your letterd Directed tew
Seagles or Ramsowers

No 4
Dear Catherine I most now tel you I most
Soon close for the present they hole mess
is now lying Round me a Sleep and it Seams
very lonesome the croud was all very much
sattisfyde when I returned back to them
it was like one gown our of they family and
Return Back a gain my Dear love and
Dearest friend I have thoat of you a meny
time since I left you and I do hope and
trust and prey to the good lord that this Dreadful
war will soon come to a close and that we may
again be premited to meet and Shaik handes to
gether and that we may neaver part now more in
this world may God almightey Spead they
Day when thease trowblesome times shal
Sease and that all may Return safe home
to their onst loved ones that at this time thousandes
air absent from them I hope and trust
to the good and ever murceful Lord that
he wil Spair my life threw theas Dreadful
trials and troubles that we have to Contend
[page 5]
No 5
Sow that I may be Spaired to return
to you my Dearest companion and Dear
and lovely little chilrean that almost
Broke my hart to leave them lord how
often have I thoat of you and them when
I think how they folward me a bout
when I was at home and now So fair from
them it seames that I cannot stand it
But one great Consolation I have I now they
a loving and murciful mother to goveren
and protect them wile I am absent from
them may they God of murcey Smile and
Protect Boat you and their lives while own
this Earth and after all is done hear awn
Earth eventialy save and crown you
in heave[n] is my Earnes and sicear prare
for Christ sak, amen Dear wife I wil now
come to a close for the present By aksen
you to Rite as often as you can make it
Suit and give me al the news you can
Lette me now how you air own
[page 6]
with your work and how the wheat
is doing and Eavery thin that you think
will give me enny sattesfaction lette me
now what Bil has don for you and lette
me now what we was talken a bout if you
can you now what I meain I wil now
stop for this time By asken you to tel
Frank and family that I send them all
my best Respects also maniel Speagle
& family I forgot to settle with Franklin
for them Eggs and &c Tel Sis and Bud and
the Baby howdy for Paw and tel them to be
purty childrean I had for got to tel you that
I had Saw a heape of my friends and neigh
bors when I returned Back to goldsboro I met up
with menny of my friends their I saw T.L.Seagle
To. Kenip fullbrights Boys mcaslin David
Johnson and meny more I also pink
shuford own our last march Peggies
Pink he is in the 56th Regt the Boyes all
loock well David Johnson and Jacob
stilwell counted own getten home If they
Remained at goldsoro nothing more
I Remain your Trew husband untel
Death Shal Separate us
Isaac to Catherine Lefevers childrean

May 28, 1863


Name Variant: 
Isaac Lafevers
Co. K, 46th North Carolina Infantry


Residence (County): 
Catawba County, NC


From State: 
North Carolina
From Municipality: 
From County: 
From Note: 
Camp 9 miles from Kinston NC


To State: 
North Carolina
To County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Toni Mitchell and Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
December, 2011
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
December, 2011

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