N C Cataba Conty
September 27th 1863 Mr Isaac Lefevers
Dear Husband I seat my self this
sabbeth morning to ansor your
kind lettr which com to me yestor
day and giv me much sates faction
to here from you I had not herd
eny thing from you in too weaks
Dear husband I was sorry to heare that
you was not well but I hope you
will be well tel you git this
lettr I can say to you this lettr
leves us all well and doin as
well as we can I must tel you
that monro Speagle funeral was
preach yester day at the schol
hose we was at the preachen
and I wold bin glad if you
cold a bin with us too eat so
it was you cold not be with
us but I hope the time is not far
of when we will be le lest [1] with
the privilig of goin to preachen to
geather agan Dear husband I can
Say to you that fan is giten
better She can walk on her foot
agan and it is heald up agan all
most Jarit dos not com up no
more he charged me ten dolars
for curen it I did not begrug
it for the way she was it wold
abin along time tel she woldd
don eny work if ever I think
if she keps mending like she is
now she can work in aweak
or so I hav got the mule at home
now I had to have mi foder hald
and I thot I wold git him
and kepe him tel fan got so that
she cold work agan I hav not got
no grond broke it is so dry at
this time that ther cant be no
ploing don and I hav giv out having
eny broke it has got so late
[page 2]
Dear husband I will hav the
stalk grond Soad in wheat as
will gether the corn as sone as
it will bear gethern and hav
the grond soad in wheat manuel
Spegle wanted me to find [2] the wheat
and let him so it and go havers
but I will hav it sode mi self
Arch will so this at home if I find
him sead to so his at home and
I expect I had beter do it arch has
don rite smart for me this somer
in the way of ploing and hoing and
so i thot I ot to giv him achance to
git his grond sode to so I must
com to aclose on this Dear husband
you wanted to no whether bud
had eny litle pigs yet or not he
has not got non yet Dear husband
Ican say to you that I hav got
my hogs up ther is no mast [3] and
I thot that I had beter put them
up in time I hav fore up I hav got
for out yet and I hav got anuf
old corn to do tel I gether mi corn
I hav mi foder all made and hald in
I made abot twelve hundred sheves
and I toped that at manuels the[y]
do not hav to pay tool out of
the tops but we hav to pay ot
of the foder it semes like hard
times to pay tolde out of evry thing
but I recon we hav it to do and
So we nead not to say eny thing
abot it we must put up with
it if onla this auful war wold
com to aclose we cold put up with
it I wold be wilin to giv up all that
I hav if onla you cold git free from this
ware and git back to your home agan
Deare husband Iwold bee glad to see your
lovla face one time more I do hope the lord
will speare both of hour lives to see each other agan
I must com to aclose I will close abov
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I remain your true wife un tel death shal seprate
us Catharine Lefevers to Isaac Lefevers

  1. blessed
  2. find = provide, supply
  3. mast = acorns and other wild feed on the ground
September 27, 1863


Residence (County): 
Catawba County, NC


Name Variant: 
Isaac Lafevers
Co. K, 46th North Carolina Infantry


From State: 
North Carolina
From County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Toni Mitchell and Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
December, 2011
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
December, 2011

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