Camp near Oreng C. H.
A.N.V.A April 29th 1864
Mr Bandy and family I
take the present oppertunity of
Communicaten to you a while this
Eavning I am happy to say to
you that I am well this eavning and
I trust to him who Rules all
things that when this Shal Reach
you and family it may find
you all in find health and comfert
Dear friend Bandy as a plain way of
Speaken I have for several times since
I got back to the Armey lade of to rite
you a letter of some sort and I have
Stil bin putten it of Expecten to get
Something to Rite to you that would
be of Some interest to you but in
vain have I waited and Stil no
News of enny interest and this
Eavning I thoat I would try and
patch up something let it cost
what it may and I hope
[page 2]
you will pardon me for the menny
mistaces that I many make for I am
but comen with a pen and neaver
could Spel Cat Correct Wel in the
first place Mr Bandy I Should be
more then glad to See you all a gain
and convers to geather about our old
affairs Dear friends I caul you friends
and as such I hope you air I have
alwais tried to be a friend to you and
as such I hope to Remain as long as
we air permitted to live In this World
Could I get home now I could injoy
my self much better then I did when
their the last time you all no the condition
that my family was in and I can not
Express my desire to you how glad
I could be to Shake handes with my
loving Wife and children this eavning
But sow it is god a bove only noes when
or whether ever I will injoy that privlag
a gain I want you as afriend to See
that my family Does not lack for
enny thing that thay Stand in
[page 3]
nead of I no you have a nuf to do
at home and so has every one els but
I hope all will work to geather for the
beast Dear friend I have no War news
to Rite to you But what you have hird
the News from the West and North
Carolina is chearing at the present
If we only holde out Sow I am in a
greadeal better Sattesfyde a bout matters
now then I was when at home I am Stil
in hopes that times will make a change
for the better this year I think our armey
is in better condition now then ever
I saw it Since I am out their is a great
Revival in the armey in the way of
Church matters people air Reforming
a greatdeal their is a heap of preachen
agowing on their is preachers of all
Denominations hear only Lutherans
it Seams that they air playing out
a good deal Whi it is I cant say
they Shorley have the same chance
that others have and whi they dont
[page 4]
turn out Better it is not for me to
say I will close on this I want you If you
please to Rite to me and give me all the news
you can lette me no how the crops air doing
and lett me no the peoples Sentiments
on the comen Election for gov I think
Vance will make a clean Sweap in
the Armey I dont think W. W. [1] wil stand
much of a hand this Round I am tierd
of the War as enny man but to Support
Holden I cant But my friend dont
let this chang your notion If you have
concluded otherwise I hope every man
wil youse his on influence in this mater
Dear friend I wil now close by asken you to
Rite Soon and lett me no whether you
Ca[n]t fix me out a Recruit I am stil
hopes that maniel will do Something for
me as I no Cain will Soon have to come
out please do all for me you can and
you shal be obliged for it give my Respects
to friend Maniel and all the Rest of
the Neighbors and friends give
my Respects to your family please let
my people no that you have hird
from me I will close I will loock
for a answer from you soon and I dont
cear haw much you Rite yours with
Respect Isaac Lefevers To J W Bandy
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you must not think hard of me
for not paen this letter I have no stamps at
this time

  1. William W. Holden
April 29, 1864


Name Variant: 
Isaac Lafevers
Co. K, 46th North Carolina Infantry



From State: 
From County: 
From Note: 
Camp near Oreng C.H.

Transcription/Proofing Info

Toni Mitchell and Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
December, 2011
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
December, 2011

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