Feb the 25th 1865
dear Companion I Set my Self to write
you a few lines to let you no that I
am not well yet but I am Som
better I can walk with a Stick
I can tel you it is bad to hav the
rumatism here when I hav to lay
out on the ground in the cold any
where but I am better fixt than
Som of the men that has no tents
I hav a tent to Stay under but I do
hope these few lines may find you
and dock well and doing well
I can Say to you that I dont get
hardly any letters from you but I
am looking for one every night and
I exspect it want be long until
you want [1] get no letters from me
nor I wont get any from you but
if you dont get any from me I want
you to keep writeing until you ar
Sertin that tha cant go through
for we here that the yankeys is at
charlett and if tha get betwixt
me and home I want Stay here
[page 2]
Som time a go I was in hops tha
would mak pese but I See no chance
now wuntil the yankes whips us
out and our men is out of hart
again and a runing away like
every thing tha was 5 left the
Reg last night and tha is houndreds
a going to the yankeys every week and
as Soon as warm wether coms nearly
all our Brigade Say tha will go
home or Som where elce tha Say
it hant of any use to Stay here
and be kild for nothing tha all
Say we ar whiped and tha all no
it Kellin was up to the camp
but I did not see him I was about
2 miles from camp a cooking
but he was well and he Sed that
tha was runing away from his
Brigade lik wild cats Some gos to the
yankeys and Som gos home I am agoing
to try to take cear of nomber one as long
as I can I am Stil in hops of getting
[page 3]
home yet I think if I was at
home I could walk rite well in
pertickler if I could get a little
brandy tel I would begin to turn
red I want you to write and giv
me all the nuse you hav and how
your Stock is geting a long and if
you got them thins that I Sent
by Elisabeth James and name the
things that you got and I want you
to write as soon as you get this for
I hav rote two or three letters to you
that I hant got no answer to and
one to fother and I hant got no
answer to I dont no if he got it
or not I would like to no plese
tel him that I wish he woud
writ to me if he pleses I [want] to here
how he is geting a long and what
the nus is thar about the war So I
must clos yours truly from
Jesse Hill
to Emoline Hill
[page 4]
a few lines to dock dear little
Son I will writ you a few lines
I want you to So all the oats you
can and take good cear of your horse
[a?] keep trading if you can make
as good a trade as you did in bying
and Seling your pistol you Sed your
shous was wore out tel Emoline
She must look a round and try
and get you Some and take good
cear of your pigs and I [want] to no if you
hav got your little calfs yet or not
and must tend to every thing like
a man until I get home dock you
must writ to me and tel me the nuse
So I will close by hopeing to here from you
Soon from your dear fother to his little
Son Junes Hill

here is a little pretty for little
Jane that I fixt when I was Sick
be Shore and giv it to her and
tel her her pap Sent it to here

  1. want = won’t
February 25, 1865


Co. K, 21st North Carolina Infantry
Residence (County): 
Forsyth County, NC


Residence (County): 
Forsyth County, NC


To State: 
North Carolina
To County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
October, 2011
Proof Date: 

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