Bell Plains Va May 31st 1863
Sister Hattie
how are you to day well I hope
I was very glad to get a letter from you
and to see by your writing that you
was in good humer and spirits how
does time go with you this sumer
dul I exspect but Keep up good
courage. there is better times a coming
this war wont last for ever if does
a lifetime; the boys will be at home
again and they will make old Sodom [1]
ring again; and George will be at home
in a few days if he is not by the time
you get this [??] well all I have to say
about it is my my your self while your
going if you don’t you [lose?] as much;
I have enjoyed myself in my young
days but I am paying up for it now
I never was a slave before I always
did about as I was a mind to but now
[page 2]
I have to do as some body else is a mind
to but they are not half so strict with
the teamsters as they are in the Regt for
we go to bed when we are a mind to
and get up when we want to but
in the Regt they cant have a light
in their tents after the taps [but we?]
burn a light all night if we want
to and when we don’t have eny thing
to haul we go a visiting some other
Regt and have very good times talking
about home and our wifes and children
and every thing else; it puts me in
mind of your Mother and aunt Man when
they get to gether do you know such
a one he an she lived down in such
a place I have forgot his an her name
Oh yes I know them but I cant think
of their names it is enough to make
an old hen wet; but we enjoy it
for we have nothinge else to pass
away the time but to talk of home
[page 3]
and get letters and answer them
June 1st well Hatt I left this rather
suden yesterday the first thing I heard was
hitch up your teams well all the teamsters
to was to go out for inspection for
some Big man to look at one mule
and mak a g[??]t flourish but it
is all for the Union it was Sunday
and they had nothing else for us to do
we have heard from George Oaks he
is Paroled we have heard from all of
our Co but one I have not had
a chance to see A Brackett this two
weeke Grealy is well and Spike looks
first rate he looks better than he
did when he joined the Regt
tell Jeremiah to be carefull until Tim
gets home then he will look after
things I heard that Bell went to
Portland rather often how is
it is his sunflour in Bloom
tell Sammy to look out [and?]
[page 4]
not get into trouble
how does Lieu Roberts cary sail
and what does he say about things
is he as full of [???] as he was
they had a grand time the other day
they had the whole Davision out and
presented the meatlers Anna Setherage
got one; in the last fight she was
in the midst of it she got four
Ball holes through her dress but
was not hurt but the fun
of the thing was after they had presented
the meadles the big bugs went up to
general Berny and when they went
home one of General Sickals staff
fell off of his horse twice in sight
of us I dont know what was the
reason of it but I think it was
Whiskey but never mind it is
all for the Union; I wish I had
more room I could tell
you some news I have just
got under way but I will write again
[continued in margins]
I want you to write me a good long letter as soon as you
get this and tell me all
the news and all the about the
warm hale and the sunflour
good by for this time yours truly
D V Lovell

  1. Sodom, Massachusetts
May 31, 1863


Co. E, 18th Maine Infantry
Residence (County): 
Cumberland County, ME



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Brenna Womer
Transcription Date: 
February, 2015
M. Ellis
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March, 2015

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