Camp 2nd Maine Cavalry
Barrancas .Fla. Oct the 19th 1864
Friend John
I received your
letter and was very glad
to hear from you I
thaught that I would not
Send a letter until I got
a Chance to Send Some
money Since we got paid
we Cannot leave camp
without A pass.
I expressed $50.00 to day I will
Send the reciet to you.
I am well Been in first rate
health all summer I have
not heard from Smith for
A long time I heard that
he had got his discharge
if you can find eny thing
out Concerning him rite it
[page 2]
for I want to hear from
him. we had quite a ride
lately we have been on
arade up to the Alambama
line got into a mush up
to marrianna our regiment
was in advance marching
by fours there was 3
Companyes ahead of us
when the rebs. began
to fire the 3 Companges
that was ahead of us
did not like the Stile so
they sold out and got
out of the way But
Co L Was there every
time we Charged through
he twound [1] and drove
the rebel Cavalry a head
of us out of the townd
but there was about
300 rebs on foot in townd
they was in the houses
[page 3]
fireing out of the window
and the doors from behind
trees and every thing that
they Could get behind
there was a black Smith Shop
withe a board ripped of[f]
the whole length and I guess
that the pills humed some
there I reckon we went
in to the fight with 18
or 19 men in our Company
we got one killed and 5
Wounded. Sergant E.E. Clark
got a sevear wound in his
back. We Whipped them in
good Shape. killed about 40
of them and I dont know
how many we wounded
took about 200. prisoners
we had 65.& 4 killed we
had 200 niggers soldiers
with us it did not make
eny differance to them about
[page 4]
the Rebs Surrendering they
would Shoot them down
the officers had hard word
to stop them from killing
All the prisoners when
one of them would beg
for his life the niggers
would Say rember fort
hudson it was the Same
regiment that the rebs
took part of and hung
them over the walls the
next morning John Comer
and I took a prisoner at
Camelton he was armed with
a double barreled gun and a
Colts revolver we sold it for
$18. John Comer, E. E. Clark and I
was all the Limerick boys
that was in the fight I got
Some rebel money I will
Send you Some I Cant think
of eny more to rite So good night
from your friend
E. R. Manson

  1. twound = town
October 19, 1864


Co. A, 27th Maine Infantry
Residence (County): 
York County, ME


Name Variant: 
"Friend John"


From State: 
From County: 
From Note: 
Fort Barranacas

Transcription/Proofing Info

Brenna Womer
Transcription Date: 
February, 2015
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
March, 2015

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