Camp Penobscot Feb 1 1862
Dear sister
I dont know but what you are
mad because I dont write to
you oftener, I have not received
a line from you since I came
here last what are you about
all this time, I have written
to Kate and Em since they
have to me I answer all letters
immediately after getting them,
whre to they go to[?] that
is the question, our old P. M. [2]
has run away surely he dont
[page 2]
get the three cents our new one
is the Chaplain it cannot be
that he will sell his soule and
place his body in danger for
the insignifficant sum of three
I have been a little unwell
just enough to excuse me from
duty for a few days but am
well now, It is sickly here two
in this but beside myself are
on the sick list one has the
Diptheria very bad but is getting
along well. another Albert is
out the Hospital sick with the
fever but is getting along well
altho one white they did not
expect him to live, he will
not die this time,
Old Goddard has gone to
Portland, dont think he will
take commond of this Circus
[page 3]
again there is no prospect
of our leaving this place very
soon, although the order may come
any minute to start. I dont
think we could get ready so
quick as the foureenth did, that
they received orders monday night
to move and wednesday morning
they started, with all their
baggage it took 17 passenger
and three baggage cars and two
Engines to put them over the
road, we were sorry to se
them go and leave us here in
the cold,
I receved a short note to night
from Mrs. Piere and Kate was
glad to hear from them. by
it I learned that Mary [3]
is now dead I was afraid when
I last saw her that she was
doomed, but hoped that it
[page 4]
would not prove so she suffered
much, but they are her suffering
[be?] over now I trust.
It seems hard to part with
friends, but this war is causing
many family throughout the land
to mourn, and that is my
trade now to cause people to mourn
by hurrying some friend or relative
into eternity what a world
this is, and what a fool is man.
I come very near going to Temple
last week so near it that I
could not get the consent of the
capt and if I had known it
two hours sooner should gone
without it-
Have you got that watch fixed
so that it will go, when you carry
I must bid you good night
and hope you will write soon
from your brother
F. N. Holman

[4] to all after keeping what you want [5]

  1. patriotic illustration in tope left corner of page
  2. postmaster
  3. Mary Bloglyt?
  4. come?
  5. written vertically in left margin
February 1, 1862


Co. L, 1st Maine Cavalry


Residence (County): 
Oxford County, ME


From Note: 
Camp Penobscot


To State: 
To County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Allyson Page Dale
Transcription Date: 
April, 2015
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
April, 2016

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