White Oak church Va
March 2nd 1863,
Dear sister,
Your letter containing the
“Flower of the North”. was duly,
rec’’ved. The horse was not up
to the standard for Cavalry use,
the rider I suspect is a seccesonist,
at least she has disunion look.
I should not poney a Union
with such a countenance,
however I can stand the picture
if you can afford to own it as
your own physiogamy
There is nothing new as far
as I know too write about in the
war line, the army of the Potomac
remains quiet as usual except when
the rebels come over and disturb
our peace. Gen. Stuarts only made
one of them raids into our lines
[page 2]
last week, but did not accomplish
much, There is some talk
about this armies being broken up and
sent elsewhere should not wonder
if that was the case.
I heard from Temple last
night as Sams folkes have made
you a visit of course you will not
expect me to write anything concerning
things in that section. Sam has
a great faculty for letting news
now only what has happened but what
is to come well his talk like others
is apt to be selfish, Sam O. Wilder,
is the heroe of all his stories
so dont give to much credit or
put too much confidence in his
ability, for he is nothing but a
man, Perhaps this is needless
caution- but it is well to remember
that appearances are not always to
be trusted, “That the heart of man,
is decietful about all things”
[page 3]
Of course that is not intended
for any one in particular but every
body in General,
Aunt Rosanna wants me to
come home on a Furlough very much,
in my last letter to you I said
there only one to go home from the Co.
it was changed afterwards so that
six were to have the privilege, we
drew lots for the chances. I got one
but have not made up my mind
to go to Maine yet. it will cost
me nearly forty dollars that dont
grow on every bush, but dont know
as it will be thrown away entirely.
however I think the odds are against
my going home so you need not
look for me.
The reason you have not got
paper is because I have not
sent it for want of a one cent
stamp and wrapper.
Dont expect to see any of the
[page 4]
Dixfield boys you wrote about none
of the Regiments in this vicinity ,
My health is good hope you are
well and having a good time
We have a very easy time
not much to do and less to
to Eat
Mother got some one
to write me a very polite note
asking for something to buy
tobacco with I am not over stocked
with the Government scrip
as most of my pay is allotted
and four moths pay is now due
us however I will send her
one dollar and would be glad
to send her a hundred I have
been without a cent three months
at a time since becoming a soldier
dont mean to be again tis not
convenient, at all, at all, Acept a
Brothers love and write oftn
F. N. Holman
[page 5,] [1]
The weather is like Apr. in Main
Some very plasant days some rainy and
[????] most of the latter kind

  1. Page 5 was continued at the top of page 1 upside down
March 2, 1863


Co. L, 1st Maine Cavalry


Residence (County): 
Oxford County, ME


From State: 
From Note: 
White Oak Church


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Transcription/Proofing Info

Allyson Page Dale
Transcription Date: 
April, 2015
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
April, 2016

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