Head Quarters 1st army corps Va.
Apr. 23rd 1863
Dear sister
Your kind letter was duly recevd was very
glad to learn of your continued good health and
It rains to day consequently the army of the
Potomac will remain quiet. we have been expecting
every day during the last week to make some move
indeed we have been under marching orders for
a longer time. some of the troops have been
making demonstrations to cross the river at various
places during the week. Gen Hooker and Lee
are practicing stratogy .. when they get tired of that
ploy most likely they will try their guns.
The day is not far distant when the now
quiet [vale?] of the Rappahannock will again echo
with the thunders of war.
Co. L. has become a fixed institution at these
Headquarters. The regiment is gone it is in Stonemans
Cavalry corps when you see any accounts of the
first the you can bear in mind I am not there
The season is very backward Peach trees are in
blossom that is the only sign of spring noticable
My health is first rate we enjoy ourselves tiptop
to make the time pass more quickly we occupy it by
cutting up all manner of antics every thing is done
with the double purpose of exercising and giving health
and strength to the system Saber drill and
pistol practice not forgotten. I must bragg a
little for at the last trial we had shooting I
made the best shot.
I have not heard from Cate or Em for a long
[page 2]
time. I dont know as I shall pay anything
or have that Mill affair settled now, they
have gone so far it is shut up or was at last
accounts by a responsible man. whatever becomes
of it now [????] loss will fall on him as long
as I am in the army. that is the best thing for
me that they could do tho it was not so intended.
Am sorry you did not go to school this spring
hope you will in the fall you can have my assistence
whenever you say the word. and doubtlessly the Normal
school will be a successful institution but the terms
of admitance are such that should suppose you
could not gain an entrance.
I hope it will become dry soon so that something
can be done, am getting tired of so much preperation
and doing nothing. It is no use waiting till next
week or next year the same rebel army is ready
to meet us whever we attack him in his chosen
places and he will be sure to use that advantage
so long as the war lasts.
The thoughts of that maple sugar makes my
mouth water dont you and Mrs. Newton eat it all up
tho perhaps another sap season will pass before I see
the state of Me My time is half out one year and
a half more if I live will make me Free again
I cant think of much to write there is no news
except what is reported in the papers and much of that
is nothing but report
My love to Father and Mother and
Divide your letters yourself respects to all,
as before with this From your Brother
addition Headquarters
1st army corps
suppose there is a great said about Copperhead [1]
and Nigger heads just now. The parties are more intent 
[???] [???] in crushing or [????] the rebellion
Send me in your next letter one or more fine combs [2]
(louse trap)
If I had a nother would put it over this one [3]

  1. The following two lines were written upside down in the top margin
  2. Written vertically in left margin
  3. Written in top margin upside down
April 23, 1862


Co. L, 1st Maine Cavalry


Residence (County): 
Oxford County, ME


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From Note: 
Head Quarters 1st Army Corps


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Transcription/Proofing Info

Allyson Page Dale
Transcription Date: 
April, 2015
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
April, 2016

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