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Headquarters Reg Camp Co.
Washington D. C. Sept 23rd 1866 [1862]

Dear sister
Have just received your letter
was somewhat surprised to hear
from you again at Temple.
I occupy the same place that my
last letter to you was written from
dont see any prospect of leaving
here very soon having let the
Blacksmith ride my hor[s]e away to
the Regiment consequently have got
to wait untill the Government
furnishes me with another
[page 2]
The weather is very warm and
pleasant here now, and I am having
comparatively an easy time, but for
all that should prefer to be with
the Company.
I am glad you got some of the
contents of that box to eat the
Theives and Rascals that run
this war for their own especial
benefit not content to cheat the
Soldiers of all that is due him here, but
have a set of Vagabonds to open
and examine all Boxes sent to
the poor soldier sent to him by
his friends; - The alleged purpose for
so doing is to prevent liquor being
convied to some that make bad use
of it. Here is a specimen of how
well these Scape goats preform
their duty. To day one of our
boys recieved a box from N. Y.
sent by his sister, all the cake
[page 3]
and fruit was ate up two bottles
of blackberry wine, all drank but
one glass, is not that agrevating
especially when a fellow in sick
as in this case and sent for
wine in particular ,
I have thouht some of sending
home for a few articles such
as Stockings, Shirts, &c., Cheese,
Pills and Bitters, and as many other
knick nacks as my friends are a might
contribute, but dont like the
idea of feeding Old Abes hungry
Officals, I could get such a donation
while here easily if sent directly,
but shall not send for anything
leaving it entirely to the option
of those at home, to do as they please
Great things are expected to be done
this fall but dont flatter myself
that all is “Gold that glitters”
or that all will be done that is
[page 4]
promised by Politicians and
Proclamations but will hope
that this now terrible war
will soon be brought to a favorable
I had a letter from Aunt
Rosanna last week her family
was all well, Two of [Newt?] [?????]
had enlisted in the nine months
volunteers, (queer voluntering when
one is forced to do it,
Give my love to Cate and Em
when you see them tell them to write
Also tell Harriatt to be carefull
about training her Infancy recruit
especially in front of the Brea[s]twork.
Accept my thanks for writting
so soon and love for everything els.
From your Brother
Freland N. Holman
Write when you get this and let
me know whether you are of any
particular place, so that I can
send answers to them.

Have not heard in particular from the Reg since [the following lines were written in the
a week ago were at Fredric City then left margin and into the body of the
report says
we lost
in the late battle
I will
let you know
soon as I
[???] out

September 23, 1866


Co. L, 1st Maine Cavalry


Residence (County): 
Oxford County, ME


From Note: 
Washington D. C.


To State: 
To County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Allyson Page Dale
Transcription Date: 
April, 2015
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
April, 2016

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