Springfield Oct 25 63

Dearly beloved
Brother it is with a sad heart that I
seat myself to answer your kind
lettere of the 5 which has you just come
to hand baring the sad news of
brother amaziah death how glad I
would have ben to be with you at
that time he has only gon a short
time ahead of us dear brother I feel
happy in the thought that we are in the
hand of an allwise God who does nothing
wrong how blessed the thought the time
will soon come when we shall our
friends face to face and enjoy thain socity
forever and even how blessed the thought
I have ben verry lonely since I buryd
my poor baby but I feel that it will
not be long before I shall follow her
tell polly that I know her sorrow for
[Page 2]
I have passed through the same
poor old father how is he and
where is he you spoke of Orenda not
being well what ails her write for
I feel anxious to know I have ben
to Ohio this summer and staid three
monthes Dalinda wanted me to send to
you and get your picture for she thinks
it would look more like her fathers than
enny one else if you will send it me
I will send it her although I might
be soarley tempted to keep them myself
I have often thought how glad I was
that I got Otises when I was there I
got his and Byrons Warrens Sumners
philenas and I prize them highly
and Oh how glad I was I should be to
have Amaziahs I never had one of
Ezra brothers or sisters how highly I
should prize them I leave you to judge
tell sister Elenor that if it did not
cost so much to travel I should see
you all before long for I am rather
[Page 3]
Lazy at present I have not
kept house Since last January for
it was no home to me after Carrys
death so I am a stoping with
Eunice and her husband she has
got one of the best of men and that
is a blessing which can not be too highly
prized he was drafted and had to pay
three Hundred Carrys husband was
drafted and Amandas husband has
gon as a volantier and Dalindas hus
band has got to stand his chance next
draft so you can see that I am not
without my sorrow I want you to
write me about all of the
conection for [I] do so long to heare from
them now brother give my love
to all and reserve a share for
from your sister


October 25, 1863



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Transcription/Proofing Info

Andy Myers
Transcription Date: 
November, 2013
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
December, 2013

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