Fredrics burg Nov 26 1862

Folks at home
I am well Goodrich is not very
well but is some better than he was
a day or two ago. he had the gonders
some. A great many have had them

We are encamped near Fredrics
burg. but do not cros over the river
yet. we can shell them out of the sity
easy enough. but they have got
a station on the hills the other
side so they can pore it into
us if we cros over into the sity.
We have had considerable rain
so it hasnt ben very good writing
and I hadnt mutch paper so I
did not write as often as I should
[page 2]

Our company is out on picket
today and we had amail yestoday
and today two and it is a prety
good place to write so I thought
I would write we are out on the
east of the camp so we dont see
the rebs but they see them on
the other side of the river.

We came by where the fifteen
th regt was encamped I saw some
of the boys John Tripp was out
a half a mile the other side so
we had quite a talk when we stoped
to rest. but when we came by
the camp we had to go right

Some of them came up to our
camp after we stoped. John
Robbins came up with some
others. Joe Wilard came up
they were all well I did not
see George Brown atall but
mean to go down where they
[page 3]
are when go back to camp
if he dont come up here

We have had to move our pose
about a quarter of a mile farther out
from camp near a house (it might
be caled) for there was a family
in it.

It was made of logs and the
chinking was about all knocked
out. some of the crackes were three
intches wide. the window had
five squairs in and three squairs
out. the chimney was made of stone
built up on the our side. there was
five children, and four dogs. one cat.
some chickins up stairs.
I made out to get a hoe cake
for some coffe. they carnt get
coffe and sutch things round
here. coffee is two dolars a pound
in fredircs burg they say. we
have a plenty so we swap for
sutch things as they have
[page 4]
got. some of the boys swaped
some coffee for tobaco and
got a pound or so for a fue
sponsfull of coffee. and they
carnt get tobaco. some of the
old regt boys would give a
good lot of hard tack for
a piece of tobaco.

They have not got any boxes
yet or hurd from them. some say
the quarter master is going to
send for them.

I have got the p[aper] and envelopes
I believe I have got all your letters
up to septeen. I got that this
Yours truly
A. H. Carter

November 26, 1862


Co. A, 36th Massachusetts Infantry
Residence (County): 
Worcester County, MA


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Folks at home
Residence (County): 
Worcester County, MA


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Michael Ellis
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December, 2012
Michael Ellis
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December, 2012

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