No 17

By teligraf
Fredrics burg Dec. 5. /62

Friends at home

I am well. Goodrich is
better but looks rather picked
to what he did when at home.
George Brown was up
here yestoday he looks smart
says the boys are all well.
John Tripp has had a
bad felon on his finger.
There was a review of
Segals division our on a plain
bear our drill ground I never saw
sutch a sight. there was eight
battreys six guns each. all
scowered up bright, brass canon
and such lots of men with
[page 2]
guns scoured and polished up
and they would make quite a
show in the sun shine.

Now about my money. I did
not get that letter till after that

When Mr Haws paid us off
I took ten and told him he
might put the one hundred
in the bank. Then when I
left home last I took ten.

One thing that takes the
money is when we want to get
a bill changed we have to take
a quarters worth and most always
a half dolars worth or they can
not or will not change it.

I had as livs sis would use my slead
as not and Clara my scates if she can
make them go prety fast

I got a paper named argis and
transcript a few days ago and No 14.
and I just got one comenced 28th
[page 3]
started the first of Dec it had
a letter from Windsor in it I
will write as soon as I can get
some paper to write on.

It is raining this afternoon
as thoughit ment to for some time

George Brown said that some
regts had bin ordered into winter quart[?]
down where he is

The boys here make sod fire
placis to there tents

Dress coats we have not felt like
paying so mutch and then have the
bother of carry then whe we are marching

Charley Sterns has gone into
the comesary department and fats like
a pig, dont have to cary his knapsack
or gun can ride when he wants to and
dont have mutch to do onley to help
deal out the rations to the companies
evry other day.

They say George Brown
will be promoted to lieut before
[page 4]
long they like him for an oficer
first rate.

I had one boil when I was on the
boat and I could not dress it so
that it was worse than it would
have ben but that is all well now
but there is two other old spots that
dont heal yet but are some better
than they were when at home.

The reason I dont write to other
folks is that I saw I was coming short
of paper

I got a letter dated Nov 24th a few
days ago that hat the turtles in

I have some meal once in
a while and make pudings (when
the miler can get corn to grind) we
go about three quarters of a mile and
get some in our haver sacks and
sell it out to those who want it
onley what we want ourselves

I have got about all scribled
down so good by
A. H. Carter

December 5, 1862


Co. A, 36th Massachusetts Infantry
Residence (County): 
Worcester County, MA


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Friends at home
Residence (County): 
Worcester County, MA


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Transcription/Proofing Info

Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
December, 2012
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
December, 2012

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