Near Fredrics burg. Jan. 29. /63

Friends at home.

I am well so are the rest
of the boys that are here. Daman
left here last saturday when we were
on picket. Have not heard from
him since.

We had about six inches
o snow last night and yes-
today but it has got to
go today for the sun has
started clear and bright on
its days work.

Now I think of it I want a
file, half round, and small
enough to file out the inside
[page 2]
of rings. if we stay in Camp
we can have considerable time
to do something, and if we
have a few tools we can make
some things like rings and
sutch things. there is so mutch
mud we carnt play ball
or any sutch thing to take
up time. I have got a piece of
steel ramrod that I am going
to get fixed bitstock fashion
with a drill on the end and
we can bore out the midle
with it and finish them off
with files and jacknife I
will put in some that I made
with that knife that you sent
me. it is a good one only the
large blaid is a little soft.

The boys think it cuts
prety well for we carnt get
a shet stone evry day out here
there is one in the company
[page 3]
that was sent in a box
frm home and I should
like one. small and good
grit sent in my box.

I dont see as we are going to
get payed off atall. Arnols box
has not got here yet.

30th It is a fine day. a little
cool so it dont thaw vury
fast. I am trying talow today
for our Camp we have got
a half of an old canteen
with a piece of cottne flan
el draws for a wick.

When they butcher we
can get some talow off
after they have got all
they are going to.

I have got about a pint
tried our now. be sure to
send a good pail with
handle. lid and handle to
the lid. and all rivited
[page 4]
well. and if you can get
it filed with honey or some
thing as good I should like
it vury mutch. be sure and
put in a loaf of brown bread
it comes through first rate
some nuts will take up our
time at good advantage.

I should like to have Mr
Joslin wate a little and
not make you break off
so short on any thing (shall
you do what I should like to
know.) What are you doing this
winter? Robinson has asked me
twice what you was doing
and I thought I should like to
know. some boots are almoste
indis pensible out here. the
mud is so deep I get my feet wet
most evry day. you can pick
up the things I want I carnt
think of evry thins I have spoken
about. Yours truly A. H. Carter
[added upside down at top of page 1]
I had my knife our to cut up some
fat and all at once it went off and
we looked the tent all over five or
six times and carnt find it
any where and if you will get one
about the same size and shape, but
stronger, a little larger if any thing
I will pay for it if it costs considerable

January 29, 1863


Co. A, 36th Massachusetts Infantry
Residence (County): 
Worcester County, MA


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Friends at home
Residence (County): 
Worcester County, MA


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Michael Ellis
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December, 2012
Michael Ellis
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December, 2012

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