Newbern N.C. June 13 [1862]

Dear Sister Emma

I take this opertunity
to write to you in answer to one that I recived Monday
dated the first of May I was glad to hear from you
and that you was well and enjoying your self we are
well and healthy here we have to drill evry day a litle
just enough so that we shal not forget how we are
living prety well now we have roast beef almost
evrry day and potatoes we have soft bread evry day
hot from the oven it is sweat and good we throw away
lots of it i wood like som of Mothers butter
on it butter is worth 40 cents a pound here milk 15 cents
a qt eggs 20 and 30 cents they have ben as high as [60?]
jan 14th we had orders last night to have the tattoo
and roal call beat at four o’clock this morning
and breakfast at half past and battalion
line formed at five. we marched about three miles
down through the city acrost the new bridge whare
the rebbels burnt the old one when they left
the plase and had a brigade drill and got
back before nine o’clock. I saw quite a sight in
the city it was a couple of darkeys drawing a
young aligator i never saw one before it was
quite a sight. thare was a litle fight
over the river to day they took two pices [1] of
artilery and three prisoners thare is a nother
battry of twelve guns about a dosen miles from
here we shall h[a]ve that before long we
cant bee easy till we clear them all out
please excuse bad writing fore it is hard
work for me to write from your brother Alfred.
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Sister Emma June 14th 1862

As your last letter was directed to Alfred
I have been putting off writing so as to have him comence and finally
got him at it he does not like to write very well so I will try
and help him a little to day it has been very warm we got up this
morning at 4 o’c and went on Division drill Gen Foster drilled us
yesterday I went down into the City just for a bit of Holaday but
could not find much for amusement I saw one of the Dibble
Girls they live in a large old house but I supose they are rich
Our 1st Lieut tends up there a little there is but a very few white
Ladies here I saw some very nice flower Gardens but they neaded
some one to take care of them there is enny quantity of stores and
Lemonade Saloons heer but now Beer stronger then ginger pop
Father wrote to me that you and Mary wer going to send me your
picture I should like them very much I have got the ones we had
taken in Hartford and take a good deel of pleasure looking at them
and thinking over what is past I should like to see those faces
some of there pleasent eavnings and have a good chat but must wait
a while yet give my regards to Mira Knox when you see her
and all the rest of our acquantances you must excuse this letter
for it is now roal call and I must leave off the mail goes
early in the morning I have wrote a long one to my Brothers
to day and you can get all the news in that I sent you
a long letter some time ago you must of got it before now

Give my respects to al and write me all about the young
folks remember me to Dora

Ever your afectionate Brother

Sergt Holcomb

  1. pices = pieces
June 13, 1862


Co. F, 27th Massachusetts Infantry
Residence (County): 
Hampden County, MA


Residence (County): 
Hampden County, MA


From State: 
North Carolina
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Ken Gardner
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August, 2015
M. Ellis
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October, 2015

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