New Orleans Sept 14, 1862
                   Dar Father & Mother
                  Sisters & Brothers
I receved the box you sent
me the fifftenth day of
this month and was very
thankful for to you for
your kindness all of you in
sending me such a
variety of things  the[y] wase
much more in it and
a great deal larger box
than I expected  the cakes
wase rather moldy when
thay got here but the
rest of the stuff kept
well  the pickle & a bottle
of bitters got broke and
that steamed the cakes &
pies on top but that did
not hurt the other things
[page 2]
you can see the efects of
the pies on this paper
some the hanker chiefs hve
molded up some but I went
to work and washed them
out in good shape  the box
got here just in the right time
to do me some good for the
day it got here I give up
doing eny thing  I began
to feel sick again but
I went to the Doctor and
he give me a metic [1] and
I have up a lot of stuff off
my stomach and then
I began to feel better and
I had been in the habit
of going to miss burnetts
pretty often and every thing
together got me down prety
weak but the chery and
loaf shugar sugar hase got
me up in pretty good
shape again so I am
agoing to doing guard
duty again over the
rebbles  I have guarded
some prisoners for a month
I have made up my mind
to eat a thanks giving dinner
or supper next fall at home
and I shall do it if I
am alive and perhaps I
shall bee thar a little before
I aint allways a going to
stay in the sunny
south as some fools call
this part of the Country
I had rather have a ten
aeckers of land in the
north with a good well of
water on it than to have
the wole of New Orleans for
me to live on
[page 4]
Alvin Clark is agoing home
and I am agoing to send
this by him  he will probly
go and see you all and tell
you how things are prospering
here perhaps as well as I can
I am agoing to look around
to day and if can see eny little
cheap thing that suits me  I
am agoing to by it for some
of you  money is agetting
rather scarce amung the boys
now  I had not got out but
I found to dollars tucked away
in the box frome my dear old
marm and I hint spent a cent
of it yet nor I shant till I think
I need it
I cant write to all of you this
time to thank you for your
kindness seperately but I want
the whole to every one of you to
understand that I am greately
o[b]lidged to for every thing if it aint
wort more than a [jin?]
I shall have to bid you all a
good by now
                This From your Absent son
                                Jairus T Hammond

  1. metic = emetic, a purgative
September 14, 1862


Co. K, 26th Massachusetts Infantry
private; corporal
Residence (County): 
Franklin County, MA


Residence (County): 
Franklin County, MA
Residence (County): 
Franklin County, MA
Name Variant: 
“Sisters & Brothers”
Residence (County): 
Franklin County, MA


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November, 2013
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December, 2013

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