Camp John Andrew
Anapolis M D Decem the 17 1861
Dear Wife i got a Letter from you Last night
and i was glad to hear from you But i have
not Recieved anny with Stamps in it but
it may get along yet i got a Paper the
other day the Flag of [???] [???] [??]
having fine wether out hear to the nights
are Rather cold a young man Belonging
to company H died the other day and
was Sent home to his folks the Pike Boys
have got hear with a Lot of others they
have gone into another company our is full
they did not Like it very well i tell you
the Lord Boys came to our Company
[?] the [?] the 24th Reg arrived
hear Last Friday from Boston our Reg
went down to anapolis and escorted them
to there camp ground wich is Right
close to us thear is now five mass
Regiments hear we had a great time
[Page 2]
Last Satterday gen Foster and Staf Review
ed all the troops hear in all twelve
thousand men i wish you could have
Ben here to have Seen it and here the
music it was a great Sight i tell you
mr wait has Ben out here Since
Last Satterday Lee also went to wash
ington i wish we had Ben Paid then
i could have Sent Some monney By him
we may get Paid of[f] this week i hope
So But i Suppose you have heard the
news from England about the mason
and Slidell afair it Looks glommy
Enough if we have war with England
it will Be a hard time our hand
will Be full i think England has
Ben waiting for Something to turn
up they are always in a fight with
Some nation well if it comes we
must grin and Bear it there is a Report
that gen Butler has Landed his men
on Ship iland near New orleans [1]
[Page 3]
i hope it is So i suppose that you Read
about the great fire in Charleston
South Carolina i wish it had Burnt up
the whole Place well So much for the
fire i hope that you get enough to eat
and drink But i hope that mother wont
Bear down to much and i am glad
that aunt nelson is agoing to See
Mr davenport about a Bed there is
a Plenty of folks that dont no
what to do with there monney that
might Pay all the expences of a [??]
[??] i think you had Rather By a Barle
of Flour and Some Coal i Should
Like to See nelleys hat we had the
[Roald?] here that had the List of names
in it i am glad that Jackman is may
or he makes a good one to there must
Be a good maney out of work now it
is hard for them So Frank Hopkins is
Selling Samp is he i Shuld Like
Some first Rate Frank can Enlist in
[Page 4]
this Regiment By going to merlton
his Father ought to make him go
So nelley talks about her father does
She well She is a good girl i would
Like to See you all if it want But
ten minits to Be there you tell
kate that there is no [???]
company in this Reg yes we have
Service on Sunday in the afternoon
the Chaplains name is the [?]
Revern Clark of [?]scot mar [?]
we have a Plenty of nigers Singing
it would make you Laugh to hear
them we have a good manney Papers
now this Letter is Franked By
M A Sargent [2] a member of Congress
from California he is a N Port
Boy But i must close So
good By for the Present
give my love to all [3]

from your husband
Joseph Barlow

  1. Off the coast of Missississippi
  2. A.A. Sargent= former Newburyport resident, responsible for writing 19th Amendment, friends with Susan B. Anthony
  3. Written diagonally
December 17, 1861


Co. A, 8th Massachusetts Infantry; Co. I, 23rd Massachusetts Infantry
private; sergeant
Residence (County): 
Essex County, MA


Residence (County): 
Essex County, MA


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Camp Andrew


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Transcription/Proofing Info

Bambi Whitaker
Transcription Date: 
December, 2013
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
January, 2014

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