Evans Mills Dec 11th [1864]
My dear wife
your of the 4th came to hand Last
night and Papers with it the Letters go
and come now regular I am glad
that Nelley is better I hope that She
will cotinnue so that is what she wants
Something for her Blood I am sorry that
you have git such a Bad cold be
carefull of yourself we have been a
haveing nice wether out here for
Some time but now have got a
Rain storm to top of[f] with it aint
verry often that we get snow out
here it is to mild the cayenne Pepers
will Last a good while well I think
that Frank will have to go into the
vetern Reserves Corp he wont get anny
discharge well you would be taken
by Supprise to See me at home
[Page 2]
again this winter I think that I Shall
have a furlough By and By and it
may be verry soon Cant tell but
it will be to bad not to have a
sent to come with for we will
not be Paid of until next month
and then be Paid Six months Pay
but we want it now it is to
bad it is no use to talk it Cant
be helped I wish the devel had them
officers that went home they dont
care about us now but it will
come out all right I dont Like
the idea of comeing home without a
Sent of monny and I know that
you have not got anny well I Shall
make up my mind wether I will
come or not now the Rebels
in georgie and South Carolina are
in an awfull fix Just now about
Sherman thomas has given
Hood a good drubing at Franklin [1]
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all that we get from Sherman
is through the Johnys Papers and
they are all sorts of yarns and all
against Sherman of course gen Foster
has gone into the interior of Carolina
to cooperate with Sherman I hope
that that Sherman will come out
all right it is the most daring thing
on record I hope that he will Burn
and destroy all that he Can get
at and make them feel war more
keenly we Shall hear from Adirl
Admiral Porters fleet before Long
wilmington I hope. I See that Capt
Danes Darnes Company have all backed
out for fear of haveing to Serve for
one year what Spunkey chaps.
I Should think the [???]ty government
would give them a good Pile of
monny for there good Pluck Poor
fellows it is to bad to want them
to Serve there Country one year
[Page 4]
Liut Doble had a Letter from
Eldridge Last week and he was
to to Leave the next day to
Join his Regt I Should think it
was about time By the way
I got a Letter that was sent Last
September By you and it has
Been Laying I think in the
Post office at Newbern all the
time well I will close give
my Love to all and kiss the
Children for me
from your
Husband Joseph

  1. Battle of Franklin, Tennessee
December 11, 1864


Co. A, 8th Massachusetts Infantry; Co. I, 23rd Massachusetts Infantry
private; sergeant
Residence (County): 
Essex County, MA


Residence (County): 
Essex County, MA


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Evans Mills


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Bambi Whitaker
Transcription Date: 
December, 2013
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
January, 2014

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