Headquarters of Cav
Murfreesboro Tenn Div 14th Army Corps
of Cumberland
Jan 10th/63
Dear folks
I sit down to write
to inform you that I,m
among the living at Mur-
-freesboro. And for news I
do not know as I can
inform you of any as I
expect the papers has told
you all by this time.
As for myself and Head-
-quarters teames we have had
a glorious time of it. We
started the day after Christmas-
-mas for Murfreesboro on the
Nolainsville pike went to same
crossed over to Murfreesboro
pike 8 miles above & had
[page 2]
to retreat back to Nashville
after being out some five days
& the fight had commenced
We stayed in Nashville three
day’s & came back here to
Murfreesboro & are encamped
two miles south of it.
In the time we drove two
nights all night across what
is called the mountains.
In the meantime they where
fighting hand to hand nearly
& if you where here you
would think so, two nights
& three day’s our men stood
& fought them without cessa-
-tion & ine night & day it
rained all the time. It would
surprise you to see the wounded
that is on this place & they
the rebs are not done buring their
dead yet. They was yesterday
hauling them out like hogs
[page 3]
ten & twelve in a six mule
goverment wagon at once
some with boxes some not
anything but blankets.
Three days ago there was plenty
of them a laying on the field
yet, but I suppose they are all
picked up by this time
Both sides suffered awfully
we have an awfull sight
of wounded here at this place
& if it was not for our
wounded this town would
be in ashes, by the way it
is a very pretty town the
nicest I,ve seen since I left
Louisville. The rebs burned a
great many of our wagons
& rations, but I guess our
men are very neat even as
They did not leave a house
from Nashville through burned
every one of them also the
[page 4]
town of Nolonsville Lavuren
Triune & every cotton shed that
they could lay their hands on.
The boy’s at home may feel
thankful if this war end’s
with out their help yet, it is
easy to sit at home & talk of
our brave soldiers, but if they
had to experience one fight
like this they would wish for
every man in the north to
turn out to help them. But
let them stay there. This
country is nothing but a vast
wilderness, every body gone citizens
left their homes & following
the rebs. It is awfull I assure
you. It is reported that Bragg
is coming back with 20,000 rein-
-forcements. Old Rosie says let
-em come

January 10, 1863


Co. D, 4th Ohio Cavalry
Residence (County): 
Hamilton County, OH


Name Variant: 
“Dear Folks”
Residence (County): 
Hamilton County, OH


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Kenneth Gardner
Transcription Date: 
January, 2015
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
January, 2015

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