Headquarters Cavelry
Murfreesboro Tenn
Feb 23rd/63
Dear Folks
I received yours of the 16th on the
21st. And will not be able to write a very
long or interesting letter for one or two reasons
first, we where driving a mule away from the
wagons this morning & as I went to throw
at it & raised my hand to do so one of
the boys behind me threw & struck me on
the wrist I nearly broke it & the other reason
is I first wrote an answer to one from
A.J. Reynolds, & wife & my wrist hurts me, by
griping the pen. I will go back to Last
Thursday & state that we started on a scout
& foraging expedition Brig Gen D.S. Stanley, [in?]
command & came home Saturday evening having
loaded & fighting the rebs back taking some twenty
prisoner, killing some wounding some & getting 11
eleven wounded our selves having two nice summer
day’s the first & second & the third it rained &
was very disagreeble, as was also yesterday [???]
-ing for me not writing. This morning being
pleasant as as spring. We where on the Liberty
pike in that town in fact. 20, thirty miles
[page 2]
from Murfreesboro. We got some twenty volenters
this being a Union town & [v?????] [nothen?]
cheered the boys up considerable.
[The patmaster is here paying off & is cheering
the boys considerable we will be paid to day
as to morrow. I will send the money home
by express to Glen Dale & you may be on the
lookout for it. You can put it to what ever
you think best if you need it use if not
do other wise as If I ever come back I shall rent
if possible a farm as no other occupation suits
me unless I should take a notion to Join
the regular’s which I think is doubtfull at
present], I Am as well as usual with exception
of my wrist which pains me very much
Yesterday was a great day in the army
it being Washingtons birth day in the morning
we heard the distant booming of canons
at Nashville, they fired a gun for every
state & this evening, (20, twenty) different
batteries, consisting of (6( six pieces to a
battery commenced here & there was consid-
-able noise for a little while I assume every
regiment sent upon the air their hearty cheers
which made the hills sing with echo after echo
There is no more news of importance to
tell you I recived a letter from Julia &
G.B. Wilmuth & I suppose they have the answer
Before this time, although it will do no harm
[page 3]
to inform you that I answered them
We have had no snow here since I last
wrote. I think that you are getting your
share of Sleighing this winter I would
like very well to be there for one ride
We are going to leave Murfreesboro as
soon as the artillery can go over the roads
which I hope will be pretty soon as I,m
getting tired of this place & want to travel
I was up to the 69, sixty nith the other
evening I find the boys all well as usual
Elmon send’s his best respects. Warren Wilmuth
is well & hearty & in fact the army is in
good health except the Tennesseeiens who do
not take care of themselves half.
Ive not seen L. Hunter since I last wrote
but want to as soon as possible & also
Will. Peterson, if [Uncle?] has come Ive not
heard anything of him. I shall go
over as soon as possible, to the regiment,
& see about it before I write again I
think. I hope he will come as I would
like to see him very much & also them
boys, that where paroled, I hear that their
is a great many joining the regilar’s
The volunteers fight as well as regulars except
that they are better deseplened, & that’s all
Hoping these few scribbled lines will find
you enjoying good health I will close
[page 4]
Wishing you to write soon & often
& give my best respects to all enquiring
friends I will remain your affectionate son
E.A. Peterson
Member of Co D 4th O.V.C
on detached duty for Brig Gen D.S. Stanley
Chief of Cav
Camped near Murfreesboro Tenn
14th Army Corps of the Cumberland
& may the battle of stone river be remembered
by every true patrot & the negroes that they
are giving to arm fight well & all be killed
& go to a good place besides America
Yours, &c
E.A. Peterson
Direct to E.A. Peterson
Murfressboro Tenn
in care of Gen D.S. Stanley
Chief of Cav
If Uncle comes their on his way down tell him
to come to Head Quarters of Cav. & he will find me

Enclosed you will find a [Jusersalen?] over take captured
from a reb sutler some time ago,

February 23, 1863


Co. D, 4th Ohio Cavalry
Residence (County): 
Hamilton County, OH


Name Variant: 
“Dear Folks”
Residence (County): 
Hamilton County, OH


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Kenneth Gardner
Transcription Date: 
January, 2015
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
January, 2015

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