Camp at Romney VA
January the 12 1863
Mother as could not get a
chance to send mi letter
a way I will write a little
more and send it all to
gather for the mail goes out
Every day and comes in Every
Evening, we left Moorefield on
the 10 fore this place the distance
was 27 miles and we got heare
on sunday afternoon the 11, it
snowed all day a satturday and it
maid it hard marching, we left
moorefield on the acount of the
river when the water gets up
we could not get any Provison through
for there is no bridge a crowsed
Moorefield is one the nicest
Places that I have saw in vergina
and one of the nicest
[page 2]
countries that I have
saw large b[r]ick farm houses
as nice as I ever saw in ohio
good farms it is situated
in a large vallie the houses
in moorfield is mostly maid
of brick and the solgers has
not distroyed it as they have
some other places thare is one
of the nicest coart
houses that I have Ever Saw
the best finished in side
the army has never don mutch
damage to the town and country
around, romney is an old looking
place and badley damaged
by the Solgers, it hant very
far from the railroad to this
place, thare is now rebals
[mores?] a round heare, this is
the Place the fourth ohio regt
was sow long I think we will
stay heare a weak or too
[page 3]
Well I will write a
little a bout chrisamus
I had pleny to Eat that
was good chickens and honey other
good things, I recived a letter
from John they was well
and I got one from cate
the other Evning, mi health
is good and I am in
good sperits Jim Pumpery [1]
an I has a tent by our selvs
an we have a good time
Plenty to Eat the capt [2]
Lieutenant Davis [3] Jim Pumphery
and I Eats to gather we have
all the good t[h]ings that can
be bout in the country
well I must close
or I cant get mi
letter in this m[a]il
Write soon
[page 4]
Give mi Love
To all
from your son
Wm Ellis

Write as often as you
can and I will try and
answer them all
some times I reciev a
letter on a march an
Just be fore we start
and I cant answer them
til we stop and it is sveral
dayes some times
sow write wheather you
get an answer or not

  1. Sgt. James B. Phumphrey
  2. Capt. John W. Chamberlin
  3. Lt. Bill R. Davis
January 12, 1863


Co. A, 123rd Ohio Infantry
Residence (County): 
Wyandot County, OH


Residence (County): 
Wyandot County, OH


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Camp at Romney


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Transcription/Proofing Info

Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
September, 2016

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