Galiton Tennasee Nov the 24th /62
Dear wife
I take this oportunity
of wrighting you a few lines to
inform you that I am well and
I hope these feu lines will find
you the Same I have riten to
you once before since i received
a letter from you I Should have
riten to you sooner but I wated
a few days to See if i would
ent get a letter from you
But I want to right so that
you will get a letter from me
evry week So I will right to day
I will have to stop righting now
i am Detailed I dont know
when I will get a chance to finish
tuesday morning Nov 25th I will try
and finish my letter this morning
I am at the city of Galiton
[page 2]
I am Detatch from the regiment
I belong to a core of Engineers
and Mechanicks the probibility is
I will Stay in the core as long
as I stay in the Service I dont
know but I think I have made
a good Exchange If I pas as a
Mechanick I will get forty cents
a day Extry from my monthly
wages the think the will put me
to huing timber mostly we dont
have gard dooty to do nor not
so much marching nor we dont
have to work Sunday we are
going to work now on a fort
at this plase I dont know how
long we will stay here we may
stay 2 or 3 months but if there
is a rail road bridge burnt
to night any where we will have
to go to it tomorrow John Allman
is with me you must Direct your
letters Just as you have dun til
I give you further orders
[page 3]
I Shant right much this time
I will have to go to work at
ten oclock and it is about nine
now I had the best nights rest
last night that I have had for
Some time we are quarterd in
a large brick bilding with plenty
of Straw to lay on Lieutenant
Gleeson our bos says he will
get ticks for us to lay on if he
can I have looked for a letter
from you for a week we dont
get our mail reguler yet the
cars cant run through yet to
us from the East so we dont
get our mail reguler but the will
have the tunel fixed in a few days
and then we wil get reguler
mail if old morgan dont raise
the old harry again you must
righ often for the time Sems long
to get a letter I feel first rait
this morning give my respects
[page 4]
to all inquiring friends
and kiss the Children for me
right all the poticulers when
you right I wil right next
Sunday again if I am well
and oportunity will permit I
Cant think of any thing more
to right this time So good
by for this time
yours truly
Wm Culbertson
to Julina Culbertson

November 27, 1862


Company H, 38th Ohio Infantry
corporal; sergeant
Residence (County): 
Williams County, OH


Residence (County): 
Williams County, OH


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Michael Ellis
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December, 2009
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
January, 2010

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