In Camp Near
tryune Sabath
afternoon April 19 / 63
Dear wife
I now
take this oportunity
of wrighting you a few lines
once more to inform you
that I am on the gain
I feel a great deal better
than I did when I last
roat to you yesterday was the
first that I walked out
to day I had a nother
walk I feel firs rait only
I am weak Julina I got
that Box that father Sent a
day or two ago the things
were pretty Badly Spoild in
it there was a can of Aple
[page 2]
Butter and a can of Peach
Sauce that cept first rait
there was a can of cow
Butterthat perhaps would way
5 or 6 pounds that is Badly
Spoild although we saved 3 or 4
pounds that is a good as any
we would have to pay the
Suttlers .60.cts for no better the Boots
was fild with apples and the
were all mush there was
Sweet cakes an onions and
all kinds of trash that was
all Spoilt what is good I tell
you it coms good to me now
there was two pare of Socks
that wasent Spoilt a bit the
came good to me for I was
intierly out the let me
eat of the Sauce John
parker hant ben well for
[page 3]
a few days he had got the
Jandice but he is better now
Julina I hardly dare
to hope to get a Discharge
But I am going to try
for one a man never will
get one with out he trys I
shal begin to figer in a
day or two the health of
the regiment is verry good now
I rote to you last week
I Sent you a goober in the
letter that I rote to yo and as
soon as I get some more
I will send it to you
I hope you will get that
likeness for that will be
a considerable of a loss tell
the Children that I think
of them every day
[page 4]
tell william Walles he will
to excuse me for not
wrighting to him for I hant
got a great deal of strength
yet give my love to mother
and tell her that I sould
see her my love to you
all right soon and I will
do the Same
Wm Culbertson
to his afectionate Wife
Julina Culbertson

April 19, 1863


Company H, 38th Ohio Infantry
corporal; sergeant
Residence (County): 
Williams County, OH


Residence (County): 
Williams County, OH


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Michael Ellis
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December, 2009
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
January, 2010

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