June the 7 1863
dear Son
This is the Lords Holy sabath day
and we are alone and very lonesom too such old folks to be alone day and
night I can tell you is lonesome I have not wrote to you for som tim but
I have not in the lest forgot you but I had too much to do and was so
tyerd that I was glad to get to bead in the evening and that was the
reason I did not wright I am wore down with trobel and with work
and it seems as if it had no end for the are in roleing them for draft
So I think david will be drafted and Reuben will be drafted again
So there will be nothing but trubel but Ruben I think can get clear
for his leg is so sore there is bones cuming out and theare has many
cam out in the army but David will have to go o how well those
are of that are gon to sleep in Jesus long before this ware o Amos
I know you have it hard but to live in trubel is hard too to
day David Buck was hear he says he will not go again if he can
help it I think it is not wright to tak those boys of wright away let
them tak those Coperheads these boys ware very much were down
in that last battle and look bad your Father and Reuben was going
out to Norfolk to see you boys but the say the cant get a pass but
David Buck says the can so I dont know how it is Reuben went
to Lebanon on payday and last Sunday John and littel Christ
brought him hom he had to get his teath fixed the ware all broke
Amos now I will tell you how your Father is som tiems he is
very poorly last Saturday was aweek he was very porley but is
Much better but he thinks it wold be great for him to go see you
[page 2]
but for me it out of the question for I cant cum to see you but I hope
the Lord will be your gard and bring you both safe home again to
your old Parents I am very much wore down I feel it that I am going
more then ever I did my legs are getting week you can see how my
hand trembles Sum Times I can hardly draw aline tell Joseph I think
he has no Parents it looks so Amos if your Father can get apass he
well cum on surprise Mr Corbet is dead I ges six week and old
Mr A. Hettrick has the dropsy at his heart and old Mr Sharpe
is verry porly and so there is many that I could tell you when we are old
we are waighting every day for the last and if we ware prepared for death what
could better happen us for hear there is nothing but trubel while I am
wrighting this Reuben cam hom from Lebanon your Fathers wheat is good in
the littel field he but this is not so good hear I must Close by
Sending our love to you both so no more but remains
your Parents till death
wright very Soon

June 7, 1863


Name Variant: 
“your Parents”
Residence (County): 
Lebanon County, PA


Co. C, 173rd Pennsylvania Infantry (drafted militia)
Residence (County): 
Lebanon County, PA


From State: 
From County: 


To State: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Barbara Anderson
Transcription Date: 
February, 2015
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
March, 2015

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