Kaneville [1] Dec 1 1861
Ever dear Cousins after so long a time i once
more seat my self to write a few lines to you
we are all well and hope this will find you
all the same we received your most welcom
letter in due time and was glad to hear from
you once more we have had a good deal of
sickness in our famly this fall it commence
in Bateses famly first little Sarah Jane was
taken with the bloody flux and dide she was
sick five weaks before little sarah Jane dide
Bateses wife was taken with the same
disease she lay for 6 weaks that she want
expected to live but through the provedence
of god she is better father was taken
with the same disease and for two weaks
we did not think he would live but he is
getting better now so you may Judge wether
we had our hands ful or not they is great
Excitement hear about the war ever boddy is for
fight Illinois has turnd out 70 thousand tro[ops?]
for the war and can send as manny more if
wanted i say down with the rebel flag
if it takes all we have got our propperty and
our lives if cotton is king then let us
no it but let us wallow in blood
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up to our horses bridle bits before
we giv it up let the canons roar till
evry rebel shall lay down his arms and beg for
mercy Lyman you wrote you talked of
comeing west you wanted to no the price of
land hear it is various prices improved farms
are worth from 15 to 25 dollars a Acre prarie
from 10 to 12 dollars a Acre i think you had
all better sell our and come west for i think
you can live easier hear than you can there
tell uncle and aunt to come west and see us
and then he can see the Country for i am
Shure if he seas it he will like it we have
plenty of fruit hear this fall father
had all the apples and curence and loughten
berries they wanted uncle Eshon Winchesters
folks are all well uncle has took Bates
farm for five years he likes the county
verry mutch samuel Winchester has gone
to war he is in kentucky Polly Jane
is teaching school i must draw my letter
to a close for fannie wants to write a few
lines you must write oftner and i will
do the same this from
E and F Hunt
to L Foster and Wife good
mutch love to all
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Kaneville Dec. 1st /61
Ever dear Cousins
I will improve the few
leisure moments allotted me in answering your king
and ever welcome letter. We was happy indeed to hear
from you once more and to hear that you were all en
joying so good a degree of health. Our family is all well
at present Cousin Lyman how little did I think when
I saw you at Mr Alexanders that I should one day
address you as cousin but strange things will happen
Tell Aunt Sarah that Mother Hunt has
had a very hard time of it this fall Fathers being sick
and Sarah too she was first at Sarahs and then at
home I would go and take care of Father when she
was up to Sarahs. But she stood it remarkably
well she will outdoe any girl in Ill.
We are having very cold weather here now,
we have snow enough to make tolerable good
sleighing Now Lyman when you write again
have your wife write some we want to get more
acquainted with her I must close for it is late
Much love to all From your aff Cousins
E, & F, Hunt

  1. At the time of the 1860 Census, the Hunts were living in Kane County, Illinois.
December 1, 1861


Residence (County): 
Kane County, IL
Residence (County): 
Kane County, IL


Co. G, 169th Pennsylvania Infantry
Residence (County): 
Erie County, PA
Residence (County): 
Erie County, PA


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October, 2012
M. Ellis
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November, 2012

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