Camp How Nov 16th 1862
Dear Mary it is with great
pleasure that I seat my self to
write a few lines to you Sunday
morning finds me enjoying good
health and enjoy myself first rate
I hope this finds you enjoying all
the same it is a fine morning the
sun shines brite the wind in the
North [east?] it is a pleasant place
here it is on the banks of the river
oposit the city of Aligany it is
city al along the river it is 4 miles
to the senter of town some [cal?] it
4 miles to town I have not been
out of camp yet it was dark
when we got to pitsburgh so you see
I cannot tell you how it looks
the Capten says he will give ous
all a chance to go and see it he lets
4 go each day and stay all day I
thought I would not go till next
[Page 2]
week and then I will tell you how
it looks we had a tiresome ride here
it took so long it took twise as
long as it ought butt I stood it
firs rate some tired but have got
rested now and feel first rate
I think I shal like camp life
first rate some of the company
is sick it is not to be wondered at
the way they cared on on the way
here drunk all the Whiskey they
could git and when they got
over it they wer hard up I have
not tasted a drop and do not
calculate to only on extreme ocasouns
we have plenty to eat and more
then ones wants one lofe to 4 men
to a mele one ¼ of a lofe of bred is more
then I want to a meal I will tell
you what we git to eat we git
fresh beef 3 times a week pork
and bacon the rest we git
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hard cracers potatoes onions rice
homany coofee and tea I think
we will not starve on that if well
cooked we git candils and sope
all we want I go down to the
river evry morning and have a good
wash warm or cold watter gust as
one likes thair is a furnice down
by the watter running in a tub
all the time we have a good house to
live in if you would call it a house
thair is 4 roes of them I do not
know how long but should think
from 4 to 500 feet long parted in
to rooms each company a room
3 roes of burths in each room
and 3 hy a good stove in each
room plenty of cole a cook
shanty with a good stove to cook
in and wood to burn I think
uncle sam does first rate for ous
[Page 4]
so far if he continues to do as
well all the way through I will
not complain we have not
got our uniformes yet but will
as soon as all of the company
is all mustered in they are here
we have a good bed Daniel and
I sleepes to geather we have 4
blankets 2 under and 2 over makes
a good bed I do not know but
I shal have to close for this time I
think of you often and all so [?] shal
Carley boy be a good boy and I will
come and see you some time good
Mary Lyman
Direct to L L Foster
Care Capt P E Pettibone
Camp How Pittsburgh

November 16, 1862


Co. G, 169th Pennsylvania Infantry
Residence (County): 
Erie County, PA


Residence (County): 
Erie County, PA


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Camp Howe


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Transcription/Proofing Info

Bambi Whitaker
Transcription Date: 
October, 2012
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
November, 2012

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