Fort Keye Gloucester Point Feby 23rd [1863]
Dear Mary it is to you I write
the one that is dearist to me in
this wourld you and Charley
boy I think of you more then any
thing in this world you are not
oute of my ming long at a time [ming = mind]
Mary I am the same as when
I left home and shal be when
I return It is just as easy to live
right heare as it would be at home
if one has a mind of his own
Mary I have my testament most
read through it hard ruff plase
one has got to have a mind of his
own my mind is to live in a way
I shal not be sorry for I know I
do not live as I ought but am determand
in the futur to live so as to meet my
God I should like to be at home to
enjoy some of thos meetings with you
[Page 2]
we got our new guns yesterday
I did not like the old ones they
wer good for nothing we have some
now that will shoot 900 yards
that will give ous abeter chance we
may not have a chance to try them
we may stay heare our time oute
if we do we will have a good time
of it you know a soldier does not
know whare he will be long
at a time some one has this point
to hold I think we are as green
as they have got we have so much
gard and pickit duty to as we do
not drill half of the time. I got the
box you sent monday and was gladly
received you sent what I wanted most
It would not pay to send pyes and cakes it is harder
after they are going to come back on what we
have fruit and butter is what goes the
best the box went by new York that the
reason they lost track of it they went by
Elmira and Harisburgh I think I can git
along we have plenty to eat such as it is if
you had it to cook It would a good deal better
[upside down at top of page 2]
I have not wrote you avery long letter this
time but will in a few days I have not
time to day have you got the paper
I sent you I will send you an other one
[upside down at top of page 1]
my health is good may this find you inj
oying good health give Charley boy a kiss for
me Mary time is passing swiftly by I must
close good by Mary
keep this yourself Lyman

February 23, 1863


Co. G, 169th Pennsylvania Infantry
Residence (County): 
Erie County, PA


Residence (County): 
Erie County, PA


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From Note: 
Fort Keye


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Transcription/Proofing Info

Bambi Whitaker
Transcription Date: 
October, 2012
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
November, 2012

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