Camp Campbell Was. cty. [1]
Feb. thy 21. A.D. /62
Dear sister it is with plesur that I take oup my
pen to let you know that I am well at present i hope that theas
few lins may find you in good helth I reseaved a leter from you & gordon
and B [???]ger and mothers liknus It looks like her very much I was glad to se it I am
glad to hear that you have such good times out thare & that you have been im proving
your time this winter I will send you this song as a reward for your labor this winter
and when the cool [2] stops done stop to lern but Improve to line the creator so kindly
be stoes a pon you and the chans of lerning while you can for the time is not far
distant when theas privilage may be taken from you you say that you want a
composition if I had atime I would write you one but I have to write leters and
drill a bout all my time so that I have not much time to spare but I expect that
the master will write a beter one then I could but I will just say for you to give my
best respects to all the colars in cool [3] I expect you will want what cind of
weth we have our hear it is very nise hardly eny snoe if all the snow that has fel hear
this winter had lade it would not have made it a fut deap but then thare never was
more than three intions at a time thare has been a good lode of wrain hear and plenty of mist
I wrote to nancy a bout what I thaut we was agoing to do as near as I can lern [?] are throde out
of the bregade and are detald for sity patrole it is not desiarable to me but we cant help it
I would like far beter to go in to the rebelion states and throe wast ther property nits and day
as gard
this darnd old cty. but we ar in the servise now and we must do what they want ous to do
I was in the [opinion?]
that we would get to kansas but I am a frade we will not get going thare yet thare is grate
talk of our being
disbandid but I think that talk is all that will be a bout it so that you nead not to expect to
[??????] home to stay if the regt was broken oup I would not stay at home I have [?????]
[??????] it would like [?????] to lay them down be fore it is put down [?????????????]
that Mcbride that usto be in Bruds store he was agtent when we came hear but he was redust
[page 2]
to wranks for drunken nes this is the reward a drunkert gets & what they
deserve he was a good ofiser he is no[w] a sergent Mr Jons is ospital cook he sends
his best respects to mother & the wrest of the family Luis Poyes is well he looks
first wrate he is not much [les?] then me I cant give you much war nuse I
have not got eny paper for a while but the paper boys is still runing round
yeling a nother union victry in arkansas I dont know eny thing a bout the [???]
of the paper but I expect thare must have been som thing a bout it. I must Close
my leter for the present I got your and Marys liknes I have five now I ges I will
have to make pervitions for geting them hald [Mary?] wanted to know if hirs got burnt
when the tent was burnt it was not burnt but the in velop that was round it
was it come very near bing burnt give my best respects to all my friens and nabers
so I will close for the present but stil remans your now and for ever to
Isabell A Hamilton
James G. Hamilton

[Now?] I must stop writing
but I will not stop thinking
for my thots will be at home
while lips and throats dos last
dont think that I am freting
a bout my home or friends
for I am contented to be a way from them
if [???] be in [????]
Isabell James

  1. Washington City
  2. cool = school
  3. colars in cool = scholars in school
February 21, 1862


Co. L, 4th Pennsylvania Cavalry
Residence (County): 
Butler County, PA


Residence (County): 
Butler County, PA


From State: 
District Of Columbia
From Note: 
Camp Campbell


To State: 
To County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

M. Ellis
Transcription Date: 
September, 2013
Proof Date: 

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