Camp. Opisite. Fredriksburg,
Sunday, noon.
Dec. the. 14 1862
Dear sister it is with plesure I take
oup my pen to let you know tht I am well at present and
hope that theas lins may find you well I reseved your leter of the 4th
and was glad to hear from you but sory to hear of the deth of
kisia Addems but hope that she is in a beter world whare
wars and fiting seas and trubls are no more it is a pity
of the famely you speke of Peter Whitmire being at home
I would like to know what regt Peter and the rest of
the butler Co boys is in (That is the concrips) you spok
of Wm Alison. being maried to Miss [gilian?] I would to
see Rachel first rate but much beter Maggy gilian
tene [1] Andre and rufes Paterson I would like to
have been home to serinade them or went to
the wedon one of the two plese tel Rufes and tene
that I send them my best wishes and hope that
thay may engoy a long life and prosperity
in this world and a plase a mong the
[page 2]
redemed in heven, you say that Aunt Nancy rote
to me I have not got a leter from her for a long time indead I cant
mind the last leter she wrote you wanted to know what cind of
wether we have we have had cold and disagree able wether it raind
and then turned to snow but it frose hard at nite the snow
is prety near all gon a gen and the nits is not quite so
cold as thay ware you want to know if we get a nuf to eat
I cant complane for fear of worse I could eat more but I am
a harty eter I am fater now then eny of you ever saw me
Alferd and me is well and with the company he goind the
compny a bout three weeks ago we left camp at the fiton
run on wensday the 11 that morning the fiting comesed
at Fredriksburg and has continued ever since
yester day thare was as hard firing as I ever herd
and as hard as firing the fiting is no so hard
to day yet but may be be fore nite we have
not been cald on yet but know not how
soon we may be our horses is sadled redy to
march at a mintes notes we are not more then a
mile from Fredriksburg I tel you the old town
is prety well ridled what is not burnt
[page 3]
our men fired in to it for a day and then
after the rebls left it thay sheld it for a day
to pruvent our men from crosing oposite to it
well I must bring my leter to a close
hoping to hear from you soon nothing
more at present but still reman your
brother and friend to Isabell A Hamilton
By James G Hamilton
be neth thy wings [???]
Isabell A Hamilton
[page 4]
I send my Best respect
to you all and hope you
will excuse me for not
writing oftener thare was
a while that the leters ware
General Burnsids forse be
fore Fredriksburg numbers a
bout 240.000 men I think a
forse able to go to Richon
James. G. Hamilton to friends
Write soon and often
yours now and for ever

  1. tene = Christina
December 14, 1862


Co. L, 4th Pennsylvania Cavalry
Residence (County): 
Butler County, PA


Residence (County): 
Butler County, PA


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September, 2012
M. Ellis
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November, 2013

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