March 24th 1864
Camp nere licking Creek
Faquire Co va
Dear friends it is with plesure
I take my pen in hand to
Address a fiew lines to you
to let you know that I am
well at present hoping these
fiew lines may find you
engoying the Same grait blesing
this is a butyful day but
there is Som Snow on the
ground but it is melting
very fast it fell to the
depth of a bout 2 inches
on the nite of the 22 but
it will not be much of
it left a gain nite the
nite of the 22 was a hard
old nite to be on pickit
but I was lucky a nough
to not be on but I was
on last nite and yester
day yester day morning
[page 2]
it looked midling rough
to turn out to picket
but we Soon got roads
beat thrue the Snow and
the Son Sun Came out
and we got a long fine
at nite we bilt fires
on our posts to warm
at this is not a very
Safe plan to have fire on
the picket line if there
is gurilas a bout but last
nite there was a Crust
on the Snow that we
Could a hurd them walking
before they would a Come
very handy now I must
tell you a bout our recruts
that has a rived all for
Company G Joseph Campbell
Wm. J Timlin Fergus Hutchins
Isaac Hill and his brother
and Some others that I ant
accuainted with there is
[page 3]
Some to Come yet I under
Stand that Charly Camel
and James Timlin and Wm
A Wason is Coming yet and
MaCune Hutchinson I dont
know whether them thats Comin
is for G Company or not but
I Suppose they ar there is
a grait meny Soldiers Coming
out on this road this while
there will be apt to be
Sturing times be fore long
Old virginia will have
to Shake with the ratle
of Canon a gain I think
before long but I am glad
to See our army reenforsed
that is what will help
to make an end to the war
Soon I would like to See
our army So big that
it Could Sweep all before
it if eny of you gets eny
word from James I want
[page 4]
you to let me know I am So
uneasy a bout him I wrote
a leter to him but I havent
got an answer I expect it
would not go I am in Some
hopes that he will be exchanged
be fore long the helth in our
regement is very good there
is very litle Sickness
in the Regtment I wonder
that we have Such good helth
being out So much at nite
but it dont appear to hurt
us we ar a most all geting
fat I think I must Close
for the present time hoping
this may find you all in
good helth good by
for the present
Adresed to Mother and
friends Colectively
plese let Jane See this
John Hamilton

March 24, 1864


Co. M, 62nd Pennsylvania Infantry; Co. K, 91st Pennsylvania Infantry
Residence (County): 
Beaver County, PA


Name Variant: 
Friends of John Hamilton


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Transcription/Proofing Info

Heather Messick
Transcription Date: 
September, 2013
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
November, 2013

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