[1] Tuesday morning
Camp Wright
July 9. 61
I have had my breakfast
this morning and it consisted
of Bread beaf Coffee potatoes
and some of you buter it is
not [more?] than hlf [done?] yet
And [I?] am seated [in?] [???]
and riting [????] table and
the rest are runing back and
[fort?] some going to git thare
rashens and some taking thare
dishes [???] and singing as
they go Granville [2] i was [????]
to hear that your Colt was dead
Mary Jane [3] how do you like your
teacher and Martha [4] have you
not turnd to rite some since
i came a way rite to me and
i will see and Judge for my
[page 2]
Albert [5] how does the tuck[??]
git along and do you have
to how corn much I would
like to help you to harvest a
weak or sow but thare is now
chance for that they are all
wanting to go home and i have
concluded to wate to the last
it was one month yesterday
since we came here and it
seams like now time to me
and if we git our guns [??] and
Horses the time will pass
swift I rote a leter to magy
when i rote to you last but
have not got an ancer yet
Here coms the train now that
brings the leters and ma by i will
git some and Mr Cowden told
me that he would cary any
nues that i had to send and
i went to work to make some
if i could it may be nues and it may
[page 3]
Mother you said if i thot of
you as of ten as you did of me
i would not for get you i think
of you all any hour in the day
and will never forget you
Aunt i would like to read a few
lines from you if you cant rite
much rite a litle
Thare was a pole rased here in the
Camp yesterday and as the flag
was drowen oup the band played
the stare spangle baner and then
the flag of our union for ever
Hello her coms a drove of weman
and men in to the quarters below
us and avry one of them has a basket
full of provision for the men
Tom Just fills Harvies plase
Just to a T and he seays that
any one [gils?] his [rites?] and [???]
number 2 [6] and Harvy dos the nice
thing all the time but [Brose?] thare
is a good many of the men down on
him i dont now why only that he is [important?]
[page 4]
That report that the man
was dead is fols they tell
me to countermand that order
Mother if you can send us some
aple buter it will be exceptable
and any thing you send send it in
my name and then we will git
it and if not it will be eat in
the Comasary Just as toms was
he Said he did not like to take it
out when his name was not on
it but i must Close for this
time Sow good by to all
and remains your sencere Friend
Rite soon and tell me all the
news John you rite and tell me
if you have any fun I sean Wall
Blackmen and he Said that you
ware mo[w]ing when he came down
he was at camp Taler John McCreadyes
oldest son was her and went home
yesterday he is a nice yung man
I must clean my brass and git redy
to go on drill James S Miller

  1. Much of the writing on the first page is obscure by ink stamps
  2. Granville, his younger brother, b. ca. 1849
  3. Mary Jane, his younger sister, b. ca. 1852
  4. Martha, his younger sister, b. ca. 1848
  5. Albert, his brother, b. ca. 1844
  6. mess number 2
July 9, 1861


Battery B, 1st Pennsylvania Light Artillery
sergeant; first sergeant
Residence (County): 
Lawrence County, PA


Name Variant: 
Miller Family
Residence (County): 
Lawrence County, PA


From State: 
From Municipality: 
From Note: 
Camp Wright


To State: 
To County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
October, 2012

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