Dec 4th 1862
New Creek Hampshire Co Va
Dear Mother
As i have a
oppertunity to send you a few
lines i though i would write
Major Beuhler left here this
evening for home and is a
going to take Command of the
ConCrips as Cornell he will
make a good one but he ttreat
our Company very bad by leave
ing us after getting us out here
but he thinks he is right and
i dont Blame him We are
under marching orders now
we drawed new pants this
afternoon & we needed them vey
bad i was was worse of for pants
than i ever was in my life I
sent a Bundel of Clothes and
a pair of shoes home to day
[Page 2]
in a box with Samual George
you Can get them thare [???]
the dirty Clothes for i wore them
when we ware quarted in the
reble shantys in Crab Bottom
i would of washed them in
salt Warter but i did not
know what day he would
send the Box away. Barny
Aughingbough will fech
this letter he is trying for his
Discharge he is fetching the Maj
horses home Thare is no news
here of any account They say thare
was a fight at Moefield some
40 miles frome here with our
Caverly they took 4 Ambulances
out from here this evening so they
say I would of sent some coffe
if i would of some money to of
got i could of bough[t] it for
20 per pound if we should
[Page 3]
here for a week or so and Dan
sends me the money that i wrote
for i will try and get some
for you i supose yours is all
before this time I have been
looking for a letter from one
you fer a Couple of days but
was disaponted the mail is not
Come in yet tonight I supose
you had a good time in [Ship?]
i have been looking for a letter
from Magy Fisher evern night
i wrote to her from Beverly
and have not heard from her
yet. I did not see Davis when
we came here it was after night
when we come through Oakland
and i was a kind of upside
down i Couldnot get the place
right and so i did not see him he
was looking for uss. We dont
know whare we will go when
[Page 4]
we leave here The Gen. says he
is going to give us legans and
short Blouses and have us in
the advance as skirmishes
he says he wont give us
for any 2 Reg in servise we
dont [like?] him very well
but he will have noth but
the best of everything for uss
his name is Clueseret [1] a regular
Frenchmen and Can talk but
very little English we are in
our usal health Jack has
a bealing on his breast Tell
one of the girls to write for i
would like to hear oftener from
you than we do for it is the
only pleasure that i have here
for i am sick and tired of this
life Col Hay is with us again
he is not right well yet no more
but right often from your
Afecton Son Charles, E, Skelly
Direct yours letter here

  1. Gen. Gustave Cluseret
December 4, 1862


Co. F, 87th Pennsylvania Infantry
Residence (County): 
Adams County, PA


Residence (County): 
Adams County, PA


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Bambi Whitaker
Transcription Date: 
September, 2012
M. Ellis
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November, 2012

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